Undisclosed Clouds Over Western Skies

`Owning’ the weather? PART VI

By Rahnuma Ahmed

“Our goals are not to gain political control, monetary wealth nor military power, but rather to pray and to promote the welfare of all living beings and to preserve the world in a natural way… For many years there has been great fear and danger of World War Three…This is now a time to weigh the choices for our future. We do have a choice. If you, the nations of this Earth, create another great war, the Hopi believe we humans will burn ourselves to death with ashes.”

— Banyacya, Interpreter for Hopi Traditional Elders, in his address to the UN General Assembly in New York, International Year of the Indigenous People, December 10, 1992

The weaponisation of weather has led to the creation of new distinctions in our understanding of phenomena which was unhesitatingly termed natural, previously. Readers must have noted this, that some researchers and activists now distinguish `earth-quakes’ from `HAARP-quakes.’
A somewhat similar distinction has emerged in recent years as heated arguments occur over `contrails’ and `chemtrails.’ The controversy centres around the trails left by planes in the sky. Are these trails `contrails,’ short for condensation trails i.e., do these artificial clouds form because “water vapour condenses and freezes around small particles (aerosols) that exist in aircraft exhaust” (Science Directorate at National Space and Aeronautics Administration, NASA)? Or, are they, as investigative reporter and author William Thomas has insisted for over a decade, `chemtrails’ (`chem’ short for chemical)?
Chemtrails look like contrails, but are usually much thicker, and extend across the sky. They are laid down in varying patterns of Xs, grids, checker boards and parallel lines. Unlike contrails, they do not dissipate but open into fluffy formations which join together, forming a thin white or milky veil, or, a “fake cirrus-type cloud” which persists for hours.
`Strange’ contrails were first reported on 20 February 1999 by `concerned citizens’ of Long Island, New York who took photos. William Thomas, the first reporter to draw national attention to the issue, dubbed these `chemtrails.‘ These, he alleged, were caused by aerosol spraying by government aircrafts. Early sightings in the first quarter of 1999 were accompanied by reports of sudden and unexplained illness in local newspapers: “a wave of respiratory illnesses” (in Berlin, New Jersey), “everyone is coming down with something” (San Francisco), “a new bacteria” (Castle Rock, Colorado), “flu-type symptoms” (7 counties in Kentucky), “throat, lung, and upper respiratory ailments” (in Akron, Ohio), “totally packed” hospitals (in Chandler, Arizona).
A former Raytheon Missile Systems engineering technician “positively identified” two of the aircrafts most often involved in aerial spraying incidents, Boeing KC-135, Boeing KC-10, both used by the US Air Force for air-to-air re-fueling. When most of the KC-135s were grounded for repair and maintenance, wrote Thomas, chemtrail sightings dropped, only to pick up after the aircrafts resumed flying. The US government, he says, is purposely spraying something in attempts to modify the weather, an allegation that is denied by the government.
Increasing numbers of people and activist social networks, both physical and virtual (i.e., on the internet) are convinced that the US government, and other western ones too, are spraying the skies. Some term it an “aerosol weapon.” They argue that its deployment?for purposes other than dusting, cloud seeding, or aerial firefighting within national borders, to further common goals?constitutes an “aerial crime.” Close watchers of chemtrails allege that spraying steadily increased throughout the 1980s; since 1998, it is conducted on a nearly daily basis with an average of 1 “clear” day per week; most areas in the US, Canada, England and Europe have been sprayed intensely, including areas which have no commercial flight paths overhead. In recent years, they claim, chemtrail spraying has been extended to Australia, Mexico, South Africa, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and Croatia.

Chemtrail activists say, it contributes to global dimming

“The air we breathe,” writes Amy Worthington, is laden with “asbestos-sized synthetic fibers and toxic metals, including barium salts, aluminum, and reportedly, radioactive thorium” (Chemtrails: aerosol and electromagnetic weapons in the age of nuclear war, Global Research, 1 June 2004). Particles and polymers which are spewed into the atmosphere “bypass lung filters and enter the blood stream” causing radical changes in the endocrine and nervous systems (may trigger high blood pressure, cause heart attack). These give rise to increased asthma, allergy and serious skin lesions (including itchy skin with crawling, biting sensations, white granules from skin and hair follicles, chronic fatigue, fibrous material coming from skin, a disease dubbed as `Morgellons’ by its sufferers).
Public health concerns at the community-level have led to activism aimed at raising public awareness against chem-trails.

Like other accounts that challenge the US government’s version of reality, `chemtrail theory’ has been dubbed a conspiracy theory?a pseudoscience, the work of nutters, rightwingers, feverish speculators?by mainstream media, and by ruling class’ ideologues. These include government officials, experts and scientists. Also, website and blog-owners. Of course, not all ideologues are equally dismissive and slanderous; some seem good-hearted but atrociously naive. I come across a blogger who provides evidence of chemtrail-like cloud formations from scanned images of clouds from a 1905 book. He insists, like many others, that it is increased jet flights which lead to grids in the sky.
But I am not persuaded. Chemtrail debunkers rest their case?bolstered no doubt by evidence?on the unvoiced assumption that until the US government admits to spraying in the skies, it isn’t true. It can’t be true. They choose to forget the 1977 Senate hearings. Between 1949-1969, 239 populated areas had been contaminated with biological agents. They forget the 1994 Rockefeller report. Hundreds of thousands of American military personnel had been subjected to secret biological experiments over the last 60 years. They seem blinded by their unwavering? belief in science, in scientific findings as neutral and impartial. Not politically-driven (unlike social science, of course). Nor corporate-motivated. Not even as climategate unfolds exposing climate science (as practised), and global warming theory, to be a sham. To be the “greatest scientific fraud in this history of mankind.” But that’s next week’s story. Back to chemtrail.
Why should aerosol be released into the atmosphere over America? Dr Stephen D McKay, who has researched on this for 6 years, thinks that it is aimed at setting up an electrical and chemical environment that supports radio frequency (RF) ducting from point A to point B for the RFMP/VTRPE warfare system. It enables the system to work over land masses, to visually see the battlefield terrain in 3-dimensions (3-D) on a TV screen. The Radio Frequency Mission Planner/Variable Terrain Radio Parabolic Equation is the US Navy’s most secretive programme. The mixture of barium salts in the atmosphere, by supporting moisture, lends itself to another project, a weather control project, which utilises Nikola Tesla’s concepts of radio frequency radiation (HAARP). A. C. Griffith, a whistle-blower, earlier associated with CIA operations, who had enjoyed top secret clearance, says the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Environmental Quality “have been told to keep their nose out” of the aerosol programme. When it comes to air quality and aerosol, they are instructed to talk about the “ozone level” instead. “The pilots probably do not know what they are doing, the crews that put it there they have no idea what it was for. We believe that it was sold to governments as global warming fix.”
Banyacya, the last of four Hopi messengers selected by Hopi Elders in 1948 to deliver an urgent prophetic message to all people, had suffered 7 years of federal imprisonment for having refused to register for WW II. “No Hopis or other original native peoples should be forced to go to war against another people and land. It invites even greater destruction.” While addressing the UN General Assembly, he had said, As children of Mother Earth, we should clean up this mess before it’s too late. The nations of the world must be stopped from moving towards self-destruction.
The skies had been clear the night before. The evening after his presentation, a strong winter storm, with hurricane-force wind gusts, lashed New York City. Tidewaters rose, there were “transportation shutdowns, power failures, and extensive flooding” including the lower subfloors of the UN building. UN personnel were asked to go home. Banyacya, in a meeting with UN representatives and other native peoples, spontaneously called on all to form a great circle?the circle of unity?and to pray. No further storm damage occurred. Soon the storm itself abated.
Did the world’s leaders listen to the Hopi prophecy? Did American leaders?the nation with the most capable military, the highest defence budget, the largest number of military bases etc etc?listen to the Hopis, who are, to them nothing more than a defeated nation? And, of all things, to a prophecy? Obviously not. But not because they thought, as you might expect, that the paranormal belongs to the realm of occultism and voodooo. After all, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) had investigated paranormal phenomena during the Cold World to search ways of how it might give the Americans a military edge over the Soviets. The leaders didn’t listen because it’d have dampened political control, monetary wealth, military power…
And what lies ahead? If one messes with Mother Nature, said the Hopi Elders, nothing short of self-destruction.
Published in New Age 8 March 2010


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