On the Edge of the Settled World

Hosted by the project on Unsettlement, an initiative of the Committee on Global Thought

Outreach Partners: Columbia School of the Arts; The Society of Fellows and Heyman Center for the Humanities

Today, millions of people are stranded in states of permanent displacement. They live in places that lack infrastructures of permanence, but must often reside there for years and even decades. How shall we understand these phenomena? What are the possibilities for a more just response? Join leading journalists from around the globe as they report on the situation in their regions.

Led by anthropologist, Rosalind Morris, the CGT project on Unsettlement aims to enable critical thought and a just response to issues that transcend the category of migrancy and the issues of border security. Beyond the false dichotomy of voluntary or forced movement, in areas where border regimes are mutating and climate change is precipitating profound demographic shifts, the project brings together scholars, policy makers, journalists and artists in forums that aim to inform and to foster new approaches to the challenges of our present and the future.

Part of Rethinking the World, a programmatic series from the Committee on Global Thought exploring the challenges and opportunities inherent in our unique global moment of compounding crises as well as unforeseen opportunities for creative solutions.