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Earthquake scare not substantiated

I have no way of verifying this, but here is an interesting PDF sent by Kishor Pradhan.
The eclipse quake theory is as follows, When the gravitational force of the sun and moon are both pulling on a plate that has not had series of recent earth quakes, the extra pull is all that is needed to “pop the seam” and cause a major quake.
6+ Magnitude Quake on 22 July 2009 at 3:00 pm Local Japanese time. This will be follower by two level 5+ Earthquakes and a Tsunami between 5:00 pm and 7:00 pm. The tsunami will start out in the pacific ocean (to the South East of Japan … Along the fault line) and hit all the islands to the south west of Japan, Indonesia and even reach New Zealand. The major quakes will actually be along the fault lines in the Ocean.

Japans tectonic plates

The theory that the gravitational pull of the Sun and Moon pulling together will do the following things. 1. Lift the tectonic plates 2. Cause the tide to rise more than usual 3. Cause an underground molten magma tide to dip and raise the plates following the water tide. Taken all the time data from the Nasa eclipse site into an excel spread sheet four the four tectonic plates in the region. Assumed an hour delay for each event following the lunar eclipse, and then summed the values.
I assumed that the events would last longer for the fluids, water and molten magma than for dry land. And then summed the values four all 4 plates where Japan sits. The blue path above shows the lunar path that will achieve the full solar eclipse at around 11:30 am to 12:30 pm. Red dots show where the solar eclipse will be full. The theory is based on gravitation pull and the earth’s tectonic plates A solar eclipse means that the moon is blocking the sun. The moon has enough gravitational pull to cause the tides other natural phenomena on earth. The sun has enough gravitational pull to keep the earth in orbit. The theory is that during a solar eclipse, the moon has the Sun’s added pull on the earth’s tectonic plates. When the Sun and Moon are together on one side of the planet, they pull together and lift up the earth’s tectonic plate, just beneath the eclipse. This causes the plate to shift upward, and then an earth quake when the lifted plate gets the little extra push (lift) it needed to move over its neighboring plate. The theory may be hair brained, or it might actually have some pull to it. (pun intended) I’d like to do a simulator game to find out.
The closest thing you find online (in reference to the eclipse earthquake theory) is this one: India planetary angular momentum theory. The problem is, its not exactly the same theory… its not a “solar eclipse” causing the earthquake, its the moon inline with the gravitational pull of the other planets.

Making the simulator

The TGEA model earth would be a basic dts sphere. It would then have some curved meshes (dts objects) mounted to on it to simulate the shifting continental plates. The model earth and moon would respond to real game physics for gravity to simulate an orbit. The dts mesh plates would also respond to the gravitational pull of the sun and moon. In the TGEA simulation, the sun could simply be a fixed gravitational spot (and source of light). Some plates are known to be on top, and others to be on the bottom where they meet, so this is kind of important. To do it right, the tectonic plate meshes would need to have collision detection much better than a simple bounding box. It can’t be built to actual scale (distance between a scaled down version of the earth and moon is too great for a basic TGEA map), and the physics can only approximate the real pull… but a basic approximation of the theory could be done.

Earth Plate Tectonics

Then you feed in the eclipse data so the moon is orbiting correctly… and let the simulation begin on a certain date. Eclipse and earth quake data below. Quote : On Wednesday, 22 July 2009, a total eclipse of the Sun is visible from within a narrow corridor that traverses half of Earth. The path of the Moon’s umbral shadow begins in India and crosses through Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Myanmar and China. After leaving mainland Asia, the path crosses Japan’s Ryukyu Islands and curves southeast through the Pacific Ocean where the maximum duration of totality reaches 6 min 39 s. A partial eclipse is seen within the much broader path of the Moon’s penumbral shadow, which includes most of eastern Asia, Indonesia, and the Pacific Ocean.
tsunami7 You could do it for past earth quakes to see the correlation too. If anyone wants to do this game, by all means go for it. Who knows? You might even get a government grant to fund its development. The image above shows a total eclipse in South East Asia July 2009. (It starts right over the plates between India and Burma). Bangladesh may be a mess this summer.
We see the seam right in the middle of the pacific where the eclipse is in full effect. Wonder if a major earthquake would create a tsunami for Japan and New Zealand. If this theory is right then Japan would get a both a quake and a tsunami this summer. It?s really curios to see if there is anything to this theory. This one article Russian confirm planetary angular momentum theory … seems kind a half baked. World Earthquake Maps Simulations SCEC Southern California Earthquake Center Video of Earthquake, and Tsunami Simulation Disaster machines: Simulating earthquakes M7.0 Earthquake Simulation for Hayward Fault, California TGEA 1.8.0 looks much better than any of the other computer simulation software we’ve seen so far. a thought that we could use shaders to show the stress and pull of the moon on the earth’s plates. When the moon hits the seams we could use an earth quake shader like the last video with the ripple. Parting Thoughts Wikipedia Tides The tidal forces are also stronger when the sun and moon are inline. The thought is that the liquid hot magma beneath the tectonic plates must also follow a similar principle. The earth rotates beneath the moon faster than the moon orbits the earth. So in theory a few hours before / after the eclipse you could have some shifting in the tidal magma beneath the tectonic plate. The whole day of 22 July 2009 will be interesting. The earth will rotate in the summer so that the northern hemisphere is facing the sun. The moon will cross over 3 distinct tectonic plates known for earth quakes on that day. It?s perfectly possible there will be some pretty heavy earthquakes in those regions on 22 July 2009.

Young Briton joins Magnum

? Olivia Arthur

British-born Olivia Arthur is one of two new photographers selected as a nominee to Magnum Photos, while three current associates have obtained member status at the agency?s latest annual meeting. Olivia was one of the participants in the recently completed Joop Swart Masterclass along with eleven other talented photographers including ex-Pathshala student, Bangladeshi photographer Munem Wasif

Arthur, who was shortlisted in BJP?s Project Assistance Awards for her work (BJP, 28 February 2007) and Peter van Agtmael, a 27-year old American Dutch photographer, both achieved 50% of members? votes in a secret ballot after their work was viewed and discussed at the New York meeting. They were selected after the 60 members of the agency reviewed more than 200 candidate portfolios, under the presidency of Stuart Franklin.

In two years? time they will be able to resubmit their images to apply to become associates, for which they will have to receive a 66% majority vote. If successful they will be able to apply for full membership in 2012. This year associates Antoine d?Agata, Jonas Bendiksen and Alec Soth have received full membership. They all joined the prestigious agency as nominees four years ago.

No associates were named this year as, two years ago, Magnum did not welcome any new nominee to the agency.

D?Agata has published four award-winning books, including Vortex and Hometown, and also shot a feature film, Aka Ana, in 2006. Bendiksen started his career in 1996 as an intern at Magnum?s London office. He went on to win numerous awards including the 2003 Infinity Award from the International Center of Photography and, more recently, the National Geographic Photography Grant. Soth has published two books, Sleeping by the Mississippi and Niagara, and is represented by the Gagosian Gallery in New York and the Weinstein Gallery in Minneapolis.


Blog of the Day on WordPress

With 3,509,247 blogs on WordPress and with 142,687 new posts on the day ShahidulNews came in the top 11 on the 8th July 2008 on list of most viewed blogs, ?Blog of the Day?. Thanks for your support.


Prominent Photographer Prashant Panjiar from India will be in Bangladesh on 7th and 8th of July, 2008. He will be at Drik on 8th and show the images from his exhibition ?King, Commoner, Citizen? followed by a discussion with the students/Teachers of Pathshala/Pathshala@ULAB on the pictures and issues raised there. All students and Teachers of Pathshala/Pathshala@ULAB are invited to the session.

Venue: Room-402, House # 719/A, Road # 7A, (Satmosjid Road), Dhanmondi R/A, Dhaka-1209Time: 8th of July 2008, 3:00pm-5:00pm*Thanking you,


Pathshala students excel at National Geographic All Roads Photography Awards:

The National Geographic All Roads Photography Program recognizes and supports talented international storytellers whose still photography documents their changing cultures and communities. Each year four photographers are awarded a financial prize, and their photo essays are exhibited at the All Roads Film Festival and other venues. They also receive photographic accessories and, through workshops, get valuable training to assist in their fieldwork.

Pathshala Student Khaled Hasan won one of the four awards of 2008 while another student Shehab Uddin won an honorable mention.

Stone crushers of Jaflong by Khaled Hasan of Pathshala

We are people too. By Shehab Uddin of Pathshala ? Shehab Uddin/Drik/CONCERN


Bangladeshi photographer Munem Wasif wins prestigious F25 Award:

international award for concerned photographyJURY ANNOUNCES THE WINNERS OF THE SECOND ?F? AND F25? AWARDS FOR THE CONCERNED PHOTOGRAPHY?They are concerned photographers. They take sides. They are people who wanted to show things that had to be corrected.. wanted to show things that had to be appreciated?
The Concerned Photographer, Editor Cornell Capa, Grossman 1972
Treviso, Fabrica, June 13th, 2008. 143 entries coming from photographers of 40 different countries were submitted to the Jury of F award, a contest promoted by Fabrica, Research Centre on Communication, Treviso, and Forma, International Center of Photography, Milano. 15 entries were submitted to the F25 award.
Chaired by photographer Reza Deghati, the Jury has met at Fabrica, in Treviso, to select the winners and was including the following members:
Elisabeth Biondi, Visuals Editor of The New Yorker
Enrico Bossan, Editorial Director of Colors magazine
Giovanna Calvenzi, Photo Editor of Sportweek, Milan
Julien Frydman, Director of Magnum Photos Bureau, Paris
Roberto Koch, Director of Contrasto, Rome
read more about jury?
The recipients of the awards are:
Leonie Purchas, Great Britain
Essay: In the shadow of things

?The jury unanimously voted this exceptional work, carried out in compliance with the award rules and regulations which reward an innovative photographic approach, interested in the human condition. By this prestigious prize, the jury therefore encourages the continuation of this rare and courageous testimony.
Leonie Purchas chose to take an introspective look at herself through the members of her family. Her images genuinely portray this fair, intimate and harsh story of her close relatives, which can tell the story of the whole human family.
Leonie Purchas has started a piece of work, which once completed, may exist through a book, an exhibition, and a film. Through her strong testimony on a part of life, Leonie Purchas will then have written a page of humanity?.
Abdul Munem Wasif, Bangladesh
Essay: Old Dakha

?With this prize, the jury rewards a journalistic piece of work with a keen sense of photographic composition and a modern visual approach of the movement. The jury hopes that this prize will enable Abdul Munem Wasif to improve his testimony on his universe and the world around him?.

A Special Mention has been assigned to:
Jonas Bendiksen, Norway, for the essay The places we live, an exceptional essay shot in 4 megalopolis of the eastern and southern world and to Norma Rossetti, Italy, for the essay Scampia.. periferia nord di Napoli (Scampia. Naple?s north outskirts).
The F award is a creation of Fabrica, the Benetton Research Centre on Communication, based in Treviso, and Forma, International Center of Photography, Milano, a joint initiative of Fondazione Corriere della Sera and Contrasto.
The winning F project will receive a contribution of euro 20.000, the possibility of publishing a book and of having an exhibition of the selected work. The F25 winner (for photographers under 25), will be awarded a one year scholarship in Fabrica?s Photography Department.
Download press release (PDF – 17Kb) English
Scarica comunicato stampa (PDF – 16Kb) Italiano
For further information:
Angela Quintavalle
Roberta De Fabritiis

Andrew Esiebo

23 June 2008 19:00

Nigerian artist Andrew Esiebo, currently on an artist residency in London co-hosted by Gasworks and The Photographers? Gallery, will be speaking about his participation in Black Box, a photography collective in Nigeria and his work in London.
He will be In Conversation with Nilu Izadi from Photodebut.
Free, booking required
To book please contact the Information Desk on 020 7831 1772, or email


Pathshala enters its tenth year

The school of photography Pathshala, is entering its tenth year.
Greetings to all students, teachers and well-wishers who have journeyed
with us over the last nine years. An exhibition ?Studying Life?
featuring the work of Pathshala students and alumni will mark the
beginning of our celebrations.

Pioneer playright and theatre person Atiqul Huque Chowdhury will
inaugurate the exhibition on 1st February 2008 at 5:00 pm at Drik
Gallery.The exhibition will continue till 15th February 2008 and will be open to
all from 3:00 pm till 8:00 pm.You are invited.

Inauguration date: 1 February 2008
Time: 5:00 pm
Exhibition duration: 1 February – 15 February 2008 (3-8 pm.
every day)
Venue: Drik Gallery, House 58, Road
15A (new), Dhanmondi Residential Area, Dhaka.
1 February 2008
5:00 pm, Drik Gallery
Opening of photography exhibition ?Studying Life?
2 February 2008
Pathshala Campus (16 Sukrabad, Panthapath)
3:00 pm: Certificate Distribution
3:45 pm: Discussion on Photography
4:30 pm: Portfolio Presentation
5:15 pm: Film Show
3 February 2008
Pathshala Campus (16 Sukrabad, Panthapath)
2:30 pm: Portfolio Presentation
6:30 pm: Songs by Prachyanat
8:30 pm: Dinner

US Debut of Tahmina Anam

From SAJAforum, the newsy SAJA blog – new desi stuff daily:
Tahmima Anam is one of the few Bangladeshi writers to get a big U.S. debut novel. ?A Golden Age? has been recently published to rave reviews in America and the U.K. (she?s one of five finalists for the Guardian First Book Award). Here?s an excerpt from a profile about her by Salil Tripathi in Tehelka:
While there have been three novels on the Bangladesh war written from an Indian perspective – Salman Rushdie?s Midnight?s Children, Amitav Ghosh?s The Shadow Lines, and Rohinton Mistry?s Such A Long Journey – where is the Bangladeshi voice that articulates the horrendous agony of that war, and the bittersweet ecstasy of that freedom?
Make way for Tahmima Anam, then. The remarkable thing about Anam?s novel, A Golden Age, which is set to be a trilogy on the Bengal century, is that she was born four years after Bangladesh?s independence. Anam comes from a politically active family – her father edits the Daily Star, and her mother runs a human rights NGO in Dhaka. As part of her PhD thesis in Harvard University?s anthropology department, she interviewed hundreds of people who had lived through the war as soldiers, survivors, victims – to piece together an engrossing narrative that tells, for the first time to an international audience, how Bangladesh saw that tragic year.

U.S. debut of Tahnima Anam
She is in the midst of a U.S. tour (details below) – including a reading tonight in NYC.

See more about the book, get the publicist?s contacts and post your comments at
McNally Robinson Bookstore
@ 7:00 pm, 52 Prince Street
Elliot Bay Book Company
@ 7:00 pm, 1119 8th Avenue, Town Hall
Books Inc.
@ 7:30 pm, 301 Castro St.
Book Passage
@ 1:00 pm, 51 Tamal Vista Blvd.
Reader?s Books (Sonoma)
@ 7:30 pm, 127 E. Napa Street
Odyssey Bookshop
@ 7:00 pm, 9 College Street, The Village Commons


Bangladeshi Photographers Win Yet Again

G.M.B.Akash a student from Pathshala?s first batch wins first prize for his photo titled ?Passengers without Ticket? in the prestigious Gordon Parks Photography Competition 2007. More work by Akash can be seen at and
Other winners include ?A woman standing by her paraplegic husband? by Lisa Wiltse (2nd place)
?Touch of protection? by Olivier Asselin (3rd place)
?Loss? by Chris Zuppa (honorable mention)
Mom and me by Kenny Felt (honorable mention)
and ?New Citizen? by Jim Gehrz (honorable mention)
More news on the contest available soon from The video of Chobi Mela IV can be seen at: The video ?In Search of the Shade of the Banyan Tree? can be seen at: Thanks to Oliver and Angilee and UCLA International Institute for uploading the video, Asfia for the Banyan Tree song and to the large number of people who helped in the production of the videos.
Bangladeshi photographers have consistently shone internationally. Yet photography remains neglected by the Bangladeshi government. A bill passed in parliament in 1989, to open a department of photography in ?Shilpakala Academy? the academy of fine and performing arts, has yet not been implemented. Even ?Charukala Institute? the department of fine arts, lacks a photography course. Yet Dhaka is rapidly becoming one of the major capitals of photography and Chobi Mela, the festival of photography held in Dhaka is one of the major events in the Asian media calendar. It has often been the case that artists have only been recognised in our own soil once they have received international acclaim. Sadly, even outstanding international perfomance in the field of photography, does not appear to have woken up the fossils in the Bangladesh secretariat.

Photographic Storytellers

The National Geographic Society?s All Roads Film Project recognizes and supports indigenous and underrepresented storytellers from around the world who are documenting their changing cultures and communities through photography and film. For the third consecutive year of this popular program, we present talented artists from Israel, Kashmir, Lapland, Mongolia, Nigeria, and the United States who have been selected by the National Geographic Society to present their work and reflect on ways their images and stories make connections that help create a more just and beautiful world. The All Roads photographers will be joined by Chris Rainier of the National Geographic Society and photographer Shahidul Alam, media activist and founder of the Drik photo agency in Bangladesh.

2007 Awardees

Altaf Qadri (Kashmir)
Kashmir: Paradise in Pain
Oded Balilty (Israel)
Along the Lines
Akintunde Akinleye (Nigeria)
The Troubles of a Blessed Country
A Yin (China, Inner Mongolia)
Highland Mongolian Life
Munem Wasif of Pathshala, received an honourable mention for his photo essay ?Belongings?
Monday, October 1, 2007
Kresge Auditorium
Doors open at 6:00pm. Seating is limited, so please arrive early.
Please forward this announcement to anyone who may find it of interest.
Click here for more information about this event.
An Evening with Leonard Cohen and Philip Glass
Monday, October 8, 7:30pm in Memorial Auditorium
Free and Ticketed
For more information on these and other
Aurora Forum programs, please visit our website:
Aurora Forum at Stanford University

Tales From a Globalising World: Launch of World Tour

Ten photographers illustrate selected aspects of globalization in Asia, North America, Africa, Europe and Latin America. Their stories express a single subject that can be comprehended only in the light of its constant transformation.Together they create a whole, which is brought together in the exhibition.

is a collective project that draws its strength from its individual authors. By uniting diverse photographic perspectives and styles of expression, it combines various aspects of globalization into an image of the new reality that is shaping the world we live in.
Photographed by
Akinbode Akinbiyi, Ziyo Gafic, Philip Jones Griffiths, Tim Hetherington,
Thomas Kern, Bertien van Manen, Shehzad Noorani, Cristina Nu?ez, Andreas
Seibert and Stephan Vanfleteren.
Conceived, curated and produced by
Daniel Schwartz
The show begins its international tour at Drik?s new gallery in Dhanmondi at 5:00 pm today (22nd September 2005) and will be the inaugural show at this exciting new venue. The exhibition will later go on to Cairo and Rome.
The guest of honour for the exhibition will be Professor Muzaffer Ahmad,
Trustee, Transparency International Bangladesh. Dr. Dora Rapold, the
honourable Ambassador of Switzerland in Bangladesh will be present as
the special guest.
The project is an initiative launched in 2002 by the Swiss Agency for
Development and Cooperation (SDC)

Imaging Famine and Other Events

Born Aid 20. The Commission on Africa. Live 8. Make Poverty History. The G8
Summit in Gleneagles. We are witnessing renewed debate about global poverty,
disasters and development, especially in Africa. Coming two decades after
the Ethiopian famine of the mid-1980's the time is ripe for a
reconsideration of the power and purpose of disaster pictures given the way
the images of the Ethiopian famine spawned the original Band Aid/Live Aid
Imaging Famine is one of several intriguing events I?ll be involved with in
September 2005. The event in New York is not public, so I?ve left out the
details, but I will be there in case anyone wants to meet up.
5th and 6th September: Imaging Famine Conference
The Newsroom. Guardian. London. UK
contact: Dave Clark, Bolton University: dj at
*8th September: Panel Discussion: Imaging Development*
*Open University Campus, **Milton Keynes**. **UK***
*contact: Helen Yanacopulos, Open University: H.Yanacopulos at *
* *
10th September: Symposium, A Critical Evaluation of Photographic
Sunderland University. Sunderland. UK
contact: Bas Vroege, Paradox: Ebv at
12th ? 14th September: New York
17th and 19th September: 15th Videobrasil International
Electronic Art Festival
Sesc Pomp?ia, S?o Paulo. Brazil
contact: Luciana Gomide, Video Brasil: *fcfcom at* <>**
22nd September: Launch of Internatioanal Touring Exhibition: Tales From a
Globalising World
Drik Gallery, Dhaka, Bangladesh
contact: Rezaur Rahman, Drik: reza at
24th September: National Geographic?s All Roads Film Festival
Egyptian Theatre: Los Angeles. USA
contact: Alexandra Nicholson, National Geographic: anichols at
26th September: Presentation: ?In Search of the Shade of the Banyan Tree?
UCLA. Los Angeles. USA
contact: Angilee Shah: angshah.asiamedia at
29th September: Conference: Free Media
The Norwegian Institute of Journalism
contact: Solberg Oona, MFA: oona.solberg at
It was Drik?s birthday yesterday! Sweet Sixteen!
Best wishes,
ps: we?ve started a data entry unit and are looking for work. So if you have any ideas!
any ideas?

Impressions: Photography by Rabeya Sarker Rima. Karachi
rabeyas-opening-0820-400-pix.jpg rabeyas-opening-0822.jpg

Monirul Alam wins third prize in ‘Free’ category in Nikon Contest


  1. This photograph is heart-touching. Comment by Faruk Ahmed | July 31, 2007 <!– @ 3:31 pm –> | Edit
  2. What a picute!!! I feel bad for the cow whose just landed on water so awkwardly ( Comment by Reazur | August 26, 2007 <!– @ 8:26 pm –> | Edit
  3. good photopalash khan
    Comment by palash khan | September 24, 2007 <!– @ 3:22 pm –> | Edit
  4. Sir,
    I am Palash,is a Patshala`s 1st year student.
    sir,now im fall in very on a simple word which is ?World Image Economy?.
    I think as we have a image factory(Bangladesh).We have a lot of world class product(image).Our local buyer is not huge to by lot of product.So should be drive to world market.we dont dont know which product is most selling & don`t know proper driving.
    But i think only u send me proper area.
    Thanks by
    Palash Comment by photopalash | January 19, 2008 <!– @ 4:09 am –> | Edit


Munem Wasif selected for Joop Swart Masterclass

Munem Wasif follows in the Pathshala tradition of excellence. He is the third Pathshala alumni (GMB Akash and Tsvangirayi Mukwazhi being the others) to be selected for the prestigious workshop.

Twelve young photographers will
come together with a group of masters for the 14th annual World Press
Photo Joop Swart Masterclass to be held from 3 to 8 November 2007 in
Foam_Fotografiemuseum, Amsterdam. The 12 participants were selected
from a total of 113 international candidate portfolios. During the
masterclass meeting, the participant photographers will interact with
seven prominent experts, discussing technical, journalistic and ethical
aspects of their work.
The following 12 photographers were  selected to participate in the 2007 masterclass:

Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, IraqOlivia Arthur, United KingdomChristoph Bangert, GermanyKate Brooks, USAAlexandra Demenkova, RussiaAgnes Dherbeys, FranceC?dric Gerbehaye, BelgiumRafal Milach, PolandMunem Wasif, BangladeshSirio Magnabosco, ItalyIrina Werning, Argentina/GermanyXin Zhou, People?s Republic of China

The purpose of the masterclass is
furthering young and talented photographers' insight in
photojournalism. In preparation for the meeting, the participants will
execute a photo essay on one single theme, which for this year is:
?Fragile?. The essays will be discussed during sessions with the
masters and edited into a publication.
The participants were selected by an  independent, international selection committee consisting of Carolyn  Cole (USA), photographer Los Angeles Times, Fr?d?rique Deschamps  (France), picture editor Le Monde, Susan Meiselas (USA), photographer  Magnum Photos, Adriaan Monshouwer (the Netherlands), commercial  director Hollandse Hoogte and
Aidan Sullivan (UK), Vice President  Photo Assignment Getty Images North America.
Committee members commenting on the  experience:
?In the coming years, I look forward  to seeing the progress of these promising photographers from around  the world.? (Carolyn Cole)
?An amazing and enriching experience  to see so much quality, diversity and passion for photography.?  (Adriaan Monshouwer)
?Knowing how important it is for
these extraordinary photographers to be part of this prestigious event,
makes our role tough, but so rewarding.?  (Aidan Sullivan)
The  Joop Swart Masterclass is
supported by Delta Lloyd Group, Stichting Democratie en Media and
Canon, who provides all participants with a grant. World Press Photo
receives support from the Dutch Postcode Lottery and is sponsored
worldwide by Canon and TNT.

Investigative Journalism

Received: 11:54 PM CET, 01/26/2008
From: “Jan Gunnar Furuly” <>
Subject: [Global-L] Global Investigative Journalism Conference
2008,??? Norway – grants
Investigative journalists from Russia (and the former U.S.S.R),? Eastern Europe, The Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, Asia, Africa and Latin America are now welcome to apply for grants that will cover their travel and stay at the Global Investigative Journalism Conference 2008 at Lillehammer,? Norway, September 11-14.
We especially invite journalists who are willing to show and share their experiences and work, through presentations at the conference. If you are able to demonstrate how you worked with your life’s best investigative story, you might pick up a ticket to the conference in the olympic city of Lillehammer, Norway.
Our goal is to gather some of the world’s best examples of investigative journalism in recent years. Between 400 and 500 investigative reporters are expected to participate at the conference.
The main focus during seminars will be journalistic work methods, how journalists are using their skills, patience, eagerness to dig up dirt and neat techniques to get in touch with sources, better research material and in the end, good stories that makes a difference.
We are also going to cover how difficult it is to do investigative journalism in certain parts of the world.
GIJ2008 is also going to be a unique place to do networking to get your own global contact net. We intend to facilitate trans-national investigative journalism cooperation on the topics you cover.
Funding from SKUP <>(The Norwegian foundation for investigative journalism), Norway’s Foreign Ministry and cooperating investigative journalism organizations will help us make the? Lillehammer event a true Global conference.
Please send your applications to
Please supply the application with your CV, a short summary of your work in the field of investigative journalism and personal references. It? will also help us if you can get references from organizations working with investigative journalism. Can you please spread the word about this to all your contacts, and? please re-publish any content you like from our conference blog site:
Here you will also find downloadable banners to promote the conference at your websites:
And everybody: Feel free to send us ideas about panelists and program content!
Use this e-mail to share your ideas:
Cheers from
Jan Gunnar Furuly
travel reporter
daily Aftenposten
webmaster, SKUP
Oslo, Norway

Nature?s Fury: Book launch in?London

Dear Friend,
We would like to invite you to the launch of a new book of photographs by renowned photographer Shahidul Alam.
Shahidul Alam traveled to Pakistan at Concern Worldwide?s request following the earthquake that devastated the country in October 2005. He visited again in August 2006 to see what progress had been made in rebuilding shattered lives. His powerful and moving photographs are testimony to the courage, dignity and resilience of the people affected by this natural disaster.
Shahidul will be joining us for the evening to talk about his photographs. And Mubashir Ahmed will give an overview of Concern?s immediate and on-going responses to the earthquake.
Date:??? Wednesday 29th August 2007
Venue:? The Bargehouse
Oxo Tower Wharf, Bargehouse Street
South Bank, London SE1 9PH
Time:??? Drinks and canap?s 6pm-8pm
Please RSVP at or 020 7863 3077
We look forward to seeing you there.
Audrey Laffitte
Concern Worldwide
Concern Worldwide is a non governmental, international, humanitarian organisation dedicated to the reduction of suffering and working towards the ultimate elimination of extreme poverty in the world’s poorest countries.

  1. Salaam Dear Brother Shahidul:What wonderful news about the new book of photographs ) I am so sorry that I cannot be there to meet you, but inshallah, I will look for and buy your book )Ya Haqq! Comment by irving | August 25, 2007 <!– @ 10:05 pm –> | Edit

Portraits of Commitment: Book launch in Colombo

Pathshala, The South Asian Institute of Photography in Bangladesh
in collaboration with the
World Bank?s Small Grants Youth Initiative
Asia Pacific Leadership Forum (APLF) on HIV/AIDS and Development of UNAIDS
Cordially invites you to the opening of the
Photography Exhibition
Portraits of Commitment
by Shahidul Alam
a selection of evocative portraits illustrating
the diverse forms of compassion and
roles that leadership can take in confronting HIV/AIDS.
Saturday 18 August, 2007
6:30 p.m.
At the
Barefoot Gallery
704 Galle Road, Colombo 3
Sri Lanka

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