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Picture of the week II

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At least 30 people, including policemen, were injured in a clash between garment workers and law enforcers at Shewrapara area on Wednesday. The workers of the Outright Group started the demonstration at about 8 in the morning following a closure notice hanged by the authority at the factory gate. Then over 1,000 workers blocked the Rokyea Sarani since then demanding reopening of their factories. Later, workers from the other factories of the area join hands with the workers of Outright Group and took to the streets and blocked Begum Rokeya Sarani to press their demands. Production in at least 15 garment factories of the area remains suspended following the clash that turned the entire area into a battlefield. Police charged batons on the workers and civilians, fired teargas shells and also used a water cannon to disperse the workers. Dhaka, Bangladesh. June 30, 2010. ? Amdadul Huq/DrikNEWS Image Id: DN011690

Readymade garment workers gather on the stairway of Envoy Group as they hear police arresting some of their colleagues at Jamgara, Savar, on June 20, 2010. The workers were on demonstration demanding taka 5000 basic salary. At least seven workers were arrested during an argument regarding wages with the authority of the company. The other workers tried to protest against this arrest. After that the authority declared, the factory will be closed till tomorrow and they forced the workers to leave the factory and the workers went back to home with police escort.?? Mahabub Alam Khan/DrikNews?Image Id: DN011621

Police arrested 71 students of Dhaka College from the college dormitories and surrounding messes, in an overnight raid on Tuesday following clashes over dominance at a residential hall, between rival student activists of Bangladesh Chhatra League (BCL). A number of bullets, machetes and clubs were recovered during the raid. Dhaka, Bangladesh. March 17, 2010. ? Photo: A.M.Ahad/DrikNEWS Image Id: DN010832

Even though the first goal of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) is the eradication of poverty and hunger yet each day 25,000 people die of hunger related causes. One in three children in the majority world is affected by malnutrition while about 59 million primary school-aged children attend school hungry. All over Bangladesh 600,000 poor children in 4,000 targeted schools are provided by different donor organizations with a 75 gram packet of vitamin and mineral enriched biscuits. At the end of the World Children Week, while this child nibbles on one such biscuit the government as well as the donor organizations hope that the different measures taken to eradicate poverty and hunger will see the light of success. Bogra, Bangladesh. October 11 2009?? ?Shafiqul Islam/DrikNEWS.?Image Id: DN008356


Acrobatic feats by artists from Inner Mongolia enthralled the audience in Chittagong, as a part of the cultural exchange programme between Bangladesh and the People?s Republic of China at Chittagong Theatre. Chittagong, Bangladesh. ? Raj Anikat/DrikNews


3, 000 families under water in Rangpur72 hours? continuous torrential downpour and poor drainage system have inundated Rangpur town to an extent that 3, 000 families have been victimized by the stagnant water. Unsurprisingly, the Metrological Department recorded 400 mm rainfall during the course of these three days.? Rangpur, Bangladesh. August 19 2009?? Salim Mahfuz


An elephant which was knocked down by a train in Deepor Beel Bird Sanctuary area in the outskirts of Guwahati on April 23, 2009 died at the Assam State Zoo. Assam, India. May 02 2009

An elephant which was knocked down by a train in Deepor Beel Bird Sanctuary area in the outskirts of Guwahati on April 23, 2009 died at the Assam State Zoo. Assam, India. 2nd May 2009. ? Pitamber Newar/DrikNews

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