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A letter from India

Intrepid explorer, photographer and high-flying lawyer Rupert Grey is an old friend of Chobi Mela, the incomparable festival of photography that takes place in Dhaka, Bangladesh. A regular visitor, Rupert and his wife Jan are this time making their way across in their 1937 Rolls Royce. Here is a clip from their journey:

A Letter From India from Rover Films on Vimeo.
For car fanatics, here is detailed informtion on the Rolls:
Chassis no ? GUN 7
Engine number – N 25 R
Date of manufacture – 1937
Engine size – 4330 cc
Registration no – DXX 123
Colour – Black/grey
UK Registration no – AJ 0542247
They are expected in Sylhet towards the end of December. With Youtube still difficult to access in Bangladesh, we are thankful the film is in Vimeo (Please Retweet #openyoutubenow)
Welcome to Bangladesh!

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