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8 Days to go: Hurry and Flurry @ Drik

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By Chulie De Silva

Dressing up Drik. Volunteers at work 12 January,2011. Photograph Saikat Mojumder

The hurry and flurry around Drik these days ?reminds me of the excitement surrounding a wedding. ?Drik ?is like the bride getting a makeover.
The veil is on. Photograph Saikat Mojumdera. Photograph Saikat Mojumder

Traffic stopping? Drik often does just that!. Photograph Saikat Mojumder

And where is the father of the bride? ?He is true to form looking frazzled and busy at explaining to all how big and good the trousseau is.
"Other festivals have something to show. Chobi Mela has something to say" Shahidul Alam. Photograph Mahbub Alam Khan

Sprucing the gallery: all it needed was a lick of paint. Photograph Saikat Mojumder

And the trousseau is big with 400+ photographs as exhibits, 34 evening presentations including lectures, discussions, films, performances, multimedia presentations and a video conference with Dr. Moreno-Ocampo.
Parts of the trousseau: Framed photos of David Burnett?s Exhibition: 44 Days ? Iran and the Remaking of the World. Photograph Saikat Mojumder

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  1. kazi hasan sarwar (paris) kazi hasan sarwar (paris)

    Dear Shahid Bhai
    For sure i will miss your great chobe Mela festival.
    Wishing you a all the best & success.
    kazi hasan sarwar (paris)Free lancer.

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