Birth Pangs of a Nation: video

The Bangladeshi War of Liberation, like all other wars, has a contested history. The number killed, the number raped, the number displaced, are all figures that change depending upon who tells the story.
But in our attempt to be on the ?right side? of history, we often forget those who ended up on the wrong side. Those who have gone, those who were permanently scarred, mentally, physically, socially, don?t really care about our statistics. The eyes that stare into empty space, knowing not what they are searching, the frail legs, numbed by fatigue, drained by exhaustion, yet willed on by desperation, the wrinkled hands, seeking a familiar touch, a momentary shelter, longing for rest, do not care about the realpolitik of posturing superpowers.

Fariha Karim joins Photographers for Hope

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Glasgow’s Big Issue sellers document their lives ? in pictures

Guardian UK

The Eyes of the Street exhibition is now running at the?Mitchell Library in Glasgow. The collaboration, organised by the International Network of Street Papers, features photographs by vendors and professional photographers from the charity collective Photographers for Hope. Here, we feature the vendors and their works

Pathshala alumni Fariha Karim was one of the photographers working on the project. Photographer David Burnett, a regular featured photographer in Chobi Mela was the lead tutor. Anna Wang the founder of Photographers for hope had also been present in Chobi Mela VI.

Eyes of the Street: Robert
Robert, a Big Issue vendor, and his friend Laura at home.Photograph: Fariha Karim/Photographers for Hope