Infolady wins BOBs Global Media Form Award

This year’s Global Media Forum Award went to the project Infolady from Bangladesh. At the same time, Chinese author, columnist and blogger Li Chengpeng won the Best Blog award at The Bobs 2013, which awards the best in online activism. Other honors from the international jury for the contest held by Deutsche Welle went to projects from Morocco, Togo and an international website.

The Bobs — Best of Online Activism from DW Akademie on Vimeo.
Li Chengpeng is among China’s most well-known bloggers, authors and social critics. He is extremely popular among young people in the country ? he has more than 7 million followers on the Sina Weibo micro-blogging platform. His blog, Lichenpeng ( has received more than 300 million visits.
“He not only writes, he also acts: He conducts investigative research and, for example, traveled to an earthquake-prone region to help people,” Chinese jury member Hu Yong said. “He is an example to the young generation and shows how to get involved in China’s future.”
Li has also told young people in China that they need to be aware of censorship in the country and encourages them to participate in an open and free political process, Hu added.
In 2008, Li looked into shoddy building materials used in school buildings that collapsed during an earthquake in the Sichuan province. After publishing his most recent book, “The Whole World Knows,” he went on tour but was forbidden by authorities to speak with his fans. To show their solidarity, visitors to the tour wore masks over their faces similar to the one he wore for the “silent readings.”

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