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To Barack Obama

by Babui/Arjun

You have tried to be appeaser,
You have tried to kiss their feet,
You’ve turned your back on backers,
And so, you’ve known defeat.
Perhaps it’s how you’d risen,
Ascending far too fast.
You’ve catered to the Powers,
But Powers never last.
You fought the fight for healthcare,
In which you did believe,
But prudence was your tactic,
Which little did achieve.
And yet, it was a victory,
Though tainted in its heart.
But even this, the Court Supreme,
Might rend, in full or part.
You trusted in the Bankers,
Who run this planet Earth,
You bowed to the Republicans,
Who want you to depart.
And now, you mildly criticize
The ones you should have slain
In spirit, if not body, for
You danced for them in vain.
And so, they say you’re waging war
And say that you divide.
These hypocrites have morals coarse,
And aren’t on your side.
So wake up, brother!  Cleverness
And daring got you far.
But there’s a time for making peace
And there’s a time for war.
So call the troops and drones back home.
The first deserve a rest.
Let’s go to war with those who still
A nation’s patience test.
Enough of killing citizens
Of nations that are far.
It’s time for you, who said, “Unite!”
To call for civil war.
It need not be of violence,
It has to be for truth.
For only truth has strength enough
To tree of lies uproot.
If you are dancing waltzes, you
Are dancing to their tune.
It’s time for hula now, my friend,
Beneath Hawaiian moon.
So be not Romney of the Dems,
Accommodate no more!
You’ve flirted long enough with Reps,
But do not be a whore!
The truths unpleasant must be told.
Though Reagan beat out Carter,
He had it wrong.  Don’t sing his song,
Or bide by Ronnie’s charter.
Reagan’s “morning” led to dusk,
As we can clearly tell.
And now it’s time for you to speak,
As you can do so well:
“America, America,
When will you wake and see,
The path you’ve taken leads to hell,
As river runs to sea!”
For you may cheer our sad progress
Towards the burning fire,
Or you may speak of what awaits
And risk the voters’ ire.
Far better, to a Carter be,
Who tried to trends reverse,
Than be a phony Reaganite,
Who only makes things worse.
Among the Reps, you see a man,
With whom we disagree,
Who speaks his mind with honesty,
And so is truly free.
I speak of  Ron (who’s surnamed Paul),
Who speaks of empire’s plight.
And though he surely will not be
The president, he’s right.
Who is there left, among the Dems,
Who is his counterpart?
Without the ones defending truth,
What’s left, will soon depart.
Far better, to a loser be,
Who spoke the honest truth,
Than win at venture of deceit,
And captive be, at root.
For lies can only breed more lies
When countenanced, my friend.
And only truth, unshackled, reign
Of lies can put to end.
This is a war for minds of men
And women, no mere battle.
No victory at voting booths
Will alter minds of cattle.
And truth may need the sacrifice
Of life as well as labor.
So be now done with cleverness
And do us all a favor.
The middle-ground is what you’ve sought.
Indeed, it is appealing.
And those who’re sane will vote for you,
Despite the Court’s repealing.
But if you base your arguments
On basis that is flawed,
At end, your logic leads to ends
That lead away from God.
So when you go to church and pray,
With daughters by your side,
Reflect, if truth is what you speak,
And let this be your guide.
The ones, who work, create the wealth,
Though this, they do not know.
To workers then, and not to those
Who work them, kindness show.
But if you consort with the ones
Who play at golf and “futures”,
How will you ever understand
The one who slaves and nurtures?
The mother’s work is never done,
The teacher knows no rest.
The one, who works for lowest wage,
Must soul and body test.
So serve the ones who’re serviced least,
And let the ones who profit
Now pay their rightful share of tax,
As spoken, true, by Buffet.
And those, who profit from our wars
On nations far and workers,
Let them beware the workers’ wrath
On those who’re truly shirkers.
The polls may swing to high or low,
It matters really little.
For history will judge if you
Did truth or lie belittle.
For there are those, who know not what
They do, from trusting lies.
But you have knowledge and the wit
To ask for whats and whys.
But ask not this of Bloomberg or
Of Gartner or of Gates!
It’s time to ask this of the ones
Who wait outside the gates.
It then remains to seek for hows
And listen to the rest.
And that, Barack, is leadership,
And that remains your test.
2012  April 7th, Sat.
Obama Invokes Republican Icons While Painting Mitt Romney As Extreme 

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