Shumon Ahmed, Home Land

Art and Deal. Issue 53, Nov 12. Page 43

“Shumon Ahmed uses photography to record a new history whilst rewriting
its past, his multiple pictures of Bangladesh, show the angst, isolation and
sprawl of the (modern) metropolis in a manner (fitting) of Woody Allen?s
(cinematic) images of New York City” – Anwar Akhtar

Photographer Shumon Ahmed lives and works in Dhaka, Bangladesh; a country plagued by extreme weather conditions but equally resourced by fertile land. Since a boy, Ahmed has watched his mother country become something all its own.? Despite the jarring climatic and agricultural fluxes, aesthetics has come to the fore, and the Bangladeshi contemporary art scene reflects a more positive potential for the county?s inherent cultural and social structures; culminating in the inaugural Dhaka Art Summit 2012 in April this year . Continue reading “Shumon Ahmed, Home Land”