Rina Di versus Statesman

By Subajit Dasbhaumik

It took ten years for Rina Di (Rina Mukherjee) to get her share of Justice! Ten years ago, we (Suvendu Chatterjee and me) sat in the 10ft by 10ft ground floor room of what was then the only office-space of a one-year-old Drik India, facing Rina Di, listening to her ordeal at The Statesman House, through one of the senior officials of the reputed Daily.
She narrated the aftermath of her allegation of sexual harassment at workplace, against the senior official, as a result of which she had to quit her job as a writing journalist at The Statesman. There was no facebook at that time, but we circulated her narration through our Gmail friends? list ? that was the least and probably all that we could do to express our support and solidarity for her, as we watched a solitary woman, even as empowered as a journalist that she was, fight her battle against the odds. To our surprise, even the so-called feminist groups did not stand by her and, on the contrary, rebuked her for reasons beyond our understanding. Even our e-posting was challenged by many. Today, at ten in the morning Rina Di called me to say that she was on her way to the labour court to receive her compensation! SHE HAD FINALLY WON THE CASE! It is a feeling of joy rare to come-by these days. It?s not just about getting to know that justice has finally been done. It is also about the reassurance that not all that we believe in and strive for, has been tossed away to oblivion. ?Violence against women? is a term of no little significance, anywhere in the world, and yet it is so difficult an issue to get over with! We salute Rina Mukherjee for her courage to stand against it ? a feat easy to conceive but herculean to come up against, in all its practicalities.


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  1. Suzanne Poli Avatar

    Thank you to all the brave young women who so tirelessly give of themselves for all to be free……

  2. Suzanne Poli Avatar

    Rina Di (Rina Mukherjee ) For winning a tireless fight.
    A fight so few can endure. And yet you fight and stand for millions of women.

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