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Inspiring a Better Future

The only thing more amazing than our technology is what the world does with it

Intel Corporation USA signs contract with Majority World CIC to document Intel’s CSR projects in Haiti, Honduras, Guatemala, UK, Poland, Kenya, India and Hongkong.
One or more Intel employees volunteer at these project locations. The employees recently won an internal contest winning their project a technology package to help the projects more effectively achieve their goals. This assignment is about telling the project story, Intel’s effort and capturing the humanity of it through a Photo Journal.
Watch this space for updates on our photographers at each location.


Ben Gulak on his unicycle

Clearing the Air on One or Two Wheels?Learn more >

moroccan girl

Helping Moroccan Women Mean Business?Learn more >

baby waits for vaccine

The Shot Sent Round the World?Learn more >

Young ladies using an Ultrabook

Ultrabook? Helps Fight Poverty, One Child at a Time?Learn more >

Three boys from Haitian school

New Hope Amid the Rubble?Learn more >

Technology Helps Fight Hunger at its Roots

Technology Helps Fight Hunger at its Roots?Learn more >

Sara Volz works in her lab

?Algae Girl? on Quest to Save the Planet?Learn more >


Easing the Path to Cap and Gown?Learn more >

Intel Labs shows early versions of the keyless lifestyle

Lose Your Keys, Forever

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