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In & Out- New generation photographers

From Munem Wasif’s Diary (8th September)

It was truly inspiring yesterday. We had our final presentation. It has been wonderful experience for me in last three years; Pathshala has given me so much as a student, as a teacher. I think more than photography I have changed as a human being.
But it was also not that easy also. I have different kind of students. They were passionate, lazy, egocentric, blank, sweet, old, psycho. Mix of personalities. I guess it was  harder for them than to me. I was rude, mean, arrogant to them but thorough the process I have also learned to be patient, adaptive and calm. But we also learned to love each other.
Thanks to Abir bhai who trusted on me and ask me to teach. Thanks to Biraz for traveling to Australia otherwise i think i will not become a teacher. I was just there to fill up the gap as a proxy teacher but sadly the proxy became too long.
Please have a look at their work at www.inoout.wordpress.comI hope it will be good enough to explain what they have achieved in a short period of time.
Now its time for me to come back to the street where i belong and take photographs. A short break?
With love,

@Rasel Chowdhury
In & Out
In & Out is a space for new generation Bangladeshi photographers. It is no longer unknown that Bangladeshi photography has reached to the global scene for it?s long tradition of quality. It is hard to own a tradition which is well-recognized but the tradition then becomes a barrier for new way of seeing. Trend can create an underlined pressure for those works which do not fit-in to the scene.
New generation photographers of Bangladesh are showing their potential, producing works that are liberated from any trend but there is a void of space in the mainstream. Local photographic scene is not ready to offer a space for such works. We inspire those works which do not fit-in with the mainstream, in transition and stays somewhere in-between.

We support those photographers who have created unique and own visual expressions and new contents. In & Out does not intend to hold any work permanently and we expect a flow where new works will get in, grow, succeed or fail and then move out to leave a space for others.
Munem Wasif & Tanzim Wahab

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