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Ilaria Di Biagio and Ma?mouna Guerresi at Chobi Mela

Photo by Ilaria Di Biagio
Photo by Ilaria Di Biagio
For those blessed among you who speak Italian.?Internazionale?s?take on the Chobi Mela festvial:

?Il?Chobi Mela?? un festival di fotografia nato nel 1999, che si tiene ogni due anni a Dhaka, in Bangladesh. In questi anni ? diventato una delle manifestazioni pi? importanti di tutta l?Asia, grazie alla sua capacit? di ospitare fotografi da tutti i continenti.?
For more on?Internazionale?s??Un mondo fragile? click?here.

Among the 35 exhibiting artists at this year?s festival are also two Italian photographers –?Ilaria Di Biagiowith her series ?Fragile? and?Ma?mouna Guerresi?with ?Inner Constellations?.

Ilaria Di Biagio
Ilaria Di Biagio

Ilaria Di? Biagio?has been fascinated by photography since an early age. Di Biagio studied Visual Anthropology and Investigative Journalism in Rome, which led her to see photography as a documentary tool to investigate life. In the autumn 2011 she attended the diploma course in Advanced Visual Story-telling at the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus where she started to focus her attention on more personal photography. ?The thin line? was on view in Denmark during the Copenhagen Photo Festival 2012.

Visit Ilaria Di Biagio?s website:?

Maimouna Guerres
Ma?mouna Guerresi

Ma?mouna Patrizia Guerresi?is a photographer, sculptor, and video and installation artist who divides her time between Italy and Senegal.

?I explore religious symbolism and feminine spirituality attempting to narrate the uneasiness, fascination and value of diversity. I remain mostly detached from Western culture, although I have maintained the classicism of my training, and I express myself using Afro-Asian references.?What interests me is stimulating the public, to get them to ask questions and reflect on a broader vision of the spirit. That and not stopping to assess and judge the world through the clich?s of race, sex and religion, etc? I am interested in bringing out issues that have been disregarded but not truly resolved.? ??Guerresi

Visit Ma?mouna Guerresi?s website:?

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