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Breaking News: Moshrefa Mishu taken on remand

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against the unlawful arrest of garment workers leader Moshrefa Mishu, and all garment workers, who have either been arrested or are being?intimidated and persecuted, for protesting against non-implementation of promised wage increases.
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Please do this right now,?we will collect all signatures by BST noon tomorrow and send out the press release by tomorrow afternoon (15 December 2010).

in solidarity/rahnuma


We strongly protest the unlawful arrest of garment workers leader Moshrefa Mishu, demand that she be immediately released, and that the fabricated charges against her be dropped.

Moshrefa Mishu, general secretary of the Ganatantrik Biplobi Party and the president of the Garment Workers Unity Forum, was picked up from her home in Kala Bagan at 1.15 am on 14.12.2010 by a force of 12 persons or so claiming to be from the Detective Branch of Police, and was compelled to accompany them to an undisclosed destination. The force did not have an arrest warrant, and when her sister persisted in asking them to show a warrant, they threatened to arrest her. Mishu was only allowed to change her clothes but not allowed to take her medication with her, for asthma, and for a severe spinal injury caused by an attack on her life several years ago.
Moshrefa Mishu was produced in CMM court after noon today and remanded for two days. We protest against her illegal arrest, and demand her immediate release.
We also protest, and condemn, in the strongest possible terms, the government’s response to the garment workers demands for the implementation of a new minimum wage that should have come into effect last month. More than 3 million people, mostly women, work in this sector which accounts for 80% of annual export earnings and make clothes for major Western brands including Wal-mart, Marks & Spencer and Carrefour. Three persons were killed in clashes with the police in the Chittagong EPZ yesterday, hundreds injured, 33 arrested, and 3 separate cases lodged against about 30,000 unknown people.
Instead of taking `tough action’ to ensure that factory owners implement what is, by all accounts a low increase, prime minister Sheikh Hasina has in effect ordered that action be taken against the workers who, even with the increases remain the least-paid in the world, and largely unable to arrange shelter and buy food in a situation where food-prices are spiralling upwards uncontrollably. Safety conditions in many factories are below standard, as can be gauged from the deaths of 24 people, and injuries suffered by scores more, when a fire broke out at a garment factory in Ashulia, Savar today.
We condemn the government’s anti-people actions (killing, baton charges, firing tear gas, filing cases), we demand that Moshrefa Mishu and all others arrested be released immediately, and that the government take immediate and transparent action to identify those who were behind the acts of vandalism, who, according to the Home Minister herself, are `outsiders.’

BREAKING NEWS: Moshrefa Mishu was produced before the Chief Metropolitan?Magistrate (CMM) Court after midday today.* *The court granted 2 days remand.

We would like to remind everyone that she was arrested unlawfully, i.e.,?without any warrant; from what we have learnt since from her sister?Jebunnessa Jebu, despite repeatedly being asked the reason for their?presence, or whether they had a warrant, members of the force responded by?threatening to arrest Moshrefa Mishu if she persisted in asking to see a?warrant.
She was only allowed to change her nightclothes and to put on a sari but was?not allowed to take her medication for asthma and severe spinal pains,?caused by an attempt on her life several years ago.
Moshrefa Mishu has been receiving threatening calls over telephone warning?her to stop fighting for the rights of workers in the garments sector.
(Torture under police remand in Bangladesh : a culture of impunity for gross violations of human rights)

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  1. jeevani fernando jeevani fernando

    In support of the protest against the unlawful arrest of Moshrefa Mishu of Bangladesh. Demanding for immediate release of Mishu and all others who are unlawfully arrested and held for so-called interrogation.
    Jeevani Fernando
    Drik, Bangladesh/Sri Lanka

  2. mishka fernando mishka fernando

    Disgusted about the way right is made to look wrong when the wrong is not just being unlawfully arrested but also the inhuman treatment of Mishu. RELEASE HER. DROP THE FALSE CHARGES
    Mishka Fernando
    Age 12
    Sri Lanka

  3. kyle fernando kyle fernando

    We will keep on fighting, for the rights of the garment workers, for the rights of Mishu, for the right to be rightly represented in a court of law. As children we will be forced to believe that there is NO proper legal system IF this continues. RELEASE MISHU
    Kyle Fernando
    Age 11
    Sri Lanka

  4. In solidarity —
    We protest against the unlawful arrest of Moshrefa Mishu of Bangladesh and demanding for immediate release of Mishu and all others who are unlawfully arrested.
    Sabhanaz Rashid Diya
    1? Initiative/Bangladesh

  5. Fatema Begum Fatema Begum

    This kind of unlawfull arrest proves that they want to keep problems in garment industry alive…we demand immediate release of Moshrefa Mishu…

  6. farjana farjana

    As a student of law I just want to say that this is completey unlawful arrest,And I demanding her realease as early as posiible. I can understand,arrest and put her on remand is much easier than fulfiling the needs of garment workers. Govt took his easy task by violation of law.

  7. Qamar D. Khan Qamar D. Khan

    An unlawful act does not become lawful if the helpless accused is produced before a kangroo called Metropolitan Magistrate. Such Magistrates themselves are not free agents in the justice-system of such third world countries. We can only record our protest in the hope that some conscience may get pricked.

  8. Paul V Dudman Paul V Dudman

    Indeed, shame! Hope Moshrefa Mishu and all other workers get released soon.
    In solidarity,
    Paul Dudman, University of East London.

  9. The leadership of most developing nations is riddled with corruption, fueled by both external as well as internal forces and influences. The case of our respected sister is not an isolated one; this is merely the tip of a mamoth sunken iceberg, hidden from sight.. it requires the concerted efforts of those with a conscience, politicians, miliatary, police, businessmen, and the public alike, to desire change and to take small steps toward bringing that change.. lest we shall be chasing non other than our tails in this vicious cycle of hatred, violence, and malevolence which will only act to further cripple these nations, and their people.

  10. Zakir Hossain Zakir Hossain

    Demanding immediate release of Moshrefa Mishu and her colleagues. Government should realize that repression will not help in any way to solve the problems of garments industry rather it would aggravate further. Solution can only be ensured by allowing trade unions at the factory and fixing living wages for the workers.

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