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  1. Yes,everybody in Bangladesh wants unity at his or her terms. So whole nation is divided. You say,you are a Bangalee and I say I am a Muslim Bangalee.Now,you just tell me how do you estimate or scale our distance. I have an independent state because I am Muslim Bangalee. All bangalees of the world do not have any state. You are rather confusing my identity. I know my heritage and history. You are trying to erase my identity as a Bangladeshi.My heritage is that I belong to this part of Bengal. This is my geographical identity. So ,I am Bangladeshi. My language is Bangla. It is my cultural identity. I am known in the world,because I have a state. Without state there can not be NATION.I know you are trying to undermine my status as a citizen of an independent state of BANGLADESH.

  2. S. M. Mayeen Ahmed S. M. Mayeen Ahmed

    the map on the flag as shown on the background defines a territorial boundary of the then peoples of diverse cultural identity, denoting merely the differences under statehood, who we believe by now have spread over across the globe beyond territorial boundaries with the new unique identity- bangladeshi. state can not define a nation- humans of differences, nor can the nation define a particular demand for a state; the struggle and human costs of nation-state processes from time immemorial are caused by authority and power loving tiny minority group of people, the so called state authorities, state figures; americans can kill afghans or iraqis for preserving any attacks on any interests of their nation-state, they kill people, for nation state, so do israelies, so do indians, so do many authority and power loving tiny minority group of statesman. we need to withhold the rights of any single individual with or without, within and beyond any nation-state-identity realm. to that effect the narrative here put me on to some extent- what the nation is, what the state is, what the country is.

  3. S. M. Mayeen Ahmed S. M. Mayeen Ahmed

    a correction in the just above note, the third last line a word ‘withhold’ should be read ‘uphold’. apologies for incoveniences.

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