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On May 15 2012, asked people around the world to pick up their cameras to photograph daily life.

Bringing together thousands of both amateur and professional photographers, the project mirrors how we lead our everyday lives in 2012. The resulting collection of images is a unique document of what really lies close to us and how photography connects us.
Editor in Chief AYPERI KARABUDA ECER was responsible for the concept and photographic content of Bringing in a unique global experience of working with editorial production and markets, including as Vice President of Pictures at Reuters, Editor in Chief at Magnum Photos Paris and bureau Chief for Sipa Press in New York. Ayperi described Bangladesh and Portugal as ‘the most inspiring contributing countries’

Home - Room 20:58, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Photo: TAPASH

Daily life of local fisherman, Countryside in Bangladesh. 15th May 2012  20:51, Sylhet, Moglabazar, Bangladesh. Photo: Md. Akhlas Uddin, Sylhet Photographic Society

Rezia Begum?s husband was a freedom fighter. He was assaulted by some terrorist in 1972 and died. At that time she was only 26 but didn?t marry again. This is a very special day for Rezia. It?s a day of get-together with her two daughters, grand-daughter, grand-son, grand-daughter-in-law and grand-son-in-law. Really it?s a happy day. 17:45, Dhaka, Bangladesh. Photo: Anisul Hoque

When there is nothing to do, it is the place where I find peace..though it happens only once in a day! 13:13 photo: Asheque

Smoking break after a hard day transporting vegetables. 03:45, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Photo: Ferdous

Here is a selection made by Ayperi of Bangladeshi photographs

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