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8000 euros award for photojournalists

Entry Rules 2013

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Article 1
The Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Association, created to promote the work of Pierre &
Alexandra Boulat and encourage the work of photojournalists has created an award,
supported by a CANON endownment of 8 000 euros which will be given to a photojournalist here called ? applicant ?
Article 2 – Objective
The award is presented to a professional photographer of any age, sex or nationality
who wishes to cover a social, economic, political or cultural issue in a journalistic
manner, on presentation of a dossier, including the documents and works stipulated
in Article 6. The Award is given in order to allow the winner to produce a story that
has never been told but that the photographer cannot find support for within the
Article 3 – Organisation
Entry is free.
Application dossiers can be downloaded from agency VII website :
or send, upon request to Annie Boulat :
The application dossier must be sent no later than June 7, 2013 and must be sent
without acknowledgement of receipt, by FTP, to the following address :adress :
user : petaboulat
password : bourse
There will be no acknowledgement of receipt.
Article 4 – Conditions
The ? applicant ? agrees that, he will not present the same project for any other
Award untill the nomiation of the winner of the grant late June 2013.
The jury, choosen among the personnalities of the photograhic word, will meet in
Paris, end of June 2013 to select the winner. The name of the winner will be officially
announced during the Festival Visa pour l?Image in Perpignan in septmber 2013.
The winner of the grant will receive the 8 000 euros in 2 parts : the first one at Visa
Pour l?Image in Perpignan in September, and the second one after completing the
work, no later that April 2014.
The ? applicant ? agrees, should he or she win the Award :
1.- To finish his/her photo-reportage by 15th of April 2014 at the latest, to enable
his/her work to be available, if possible, for exhibition or showing evening during the
26th International Festival of Photojournalism ? Visa pour l?Image in Perpignan ?
which will take place during the first two weeks of September 2014.
2.- Not present the same project for any other Award untill the Visa Pour l?Image in
Perpignan Festival 2014, when his/her work financed by the award will be exhibited
or presented during an evening show.
3 .- Not to let any one publish any of the photographs financed by the award, before
the presentation of the work done for the award, during the Festival Visa pour l?Image
in Perpignan in september 2014.
4.- To include the title ? Winner of the Pierre & Alexandra Boulat Association,
supported by Canon France ?, in the photo-reportage and in all communication
connected with it.
5.- To have his photographs, financed by the award, to be exhibited in Paris and
published in catalog related to the exhibition or a monography, supported by
Laboratory Central Dupon Images, partner of the award Pierre & Alexandra Boulat.
6.- To have his photographs, financed by the award, used as promotion for the
7.-To give, for the publicity related to the prize, three high resolution images free of
charge as well as a portrait of himself/herself to Canon, the Association and ImagesEvidence for the purpose of the communication related to the award.
Once his/her work has been completed, he/she also commits to give three photos
free of charge to the latter and ? CD with all the high resolution images from the
project he/she realised thanks to the award. The winners also agree to provide two
signed prints from the work to the Association.In any case, the award will not be given to the same candidate consecutively during
two years.
Article 5 – Jury
The jury, which will be made up of members of persons of good standing in the
profession, will give the Award based on the professional qualities of the applicant
and the relevance and originality of the project.
The jury?s decision is final and will be carried by majority vote after due deliberation.
The jury can decide not to give the Award if it considers that none of the applications
is worthy of it.
Article 6 – Application conditions
The conditions are as follows :
? applicants must have completed at least three photo-reportage (published or
? applicants must be professional photojournalists
? applicants must be able to write and speak in French or English
The application dossier will include the following items in the order given below :
1- a signed application form,
2- a copy of the applicant?s identity card or passport,
3- an affidavit stating that the candidate is a professional photojournalist,
4- a curriculum vitae,
5- a letter in support of the application including a description of the photo-reportage
project (maximum 1 typed pages). This letter must remain anonymous and must not
contain anything that would allow the candidate to be identified,
6- a projected budget for the photo-reportage project for which the Award is to be
used if obtained.
If the financing of the project is to be extended to other partners, these must be
approved by Canon , the Association and Images-Evidence who reserve the right not
to cite them. In any case any of the photographs financed by the award will not be
published or exhibted before it?s presentation at the festival Visa pour l?Image in
Perpignan in september 2014
7- a photo-reportage in black and white or colour : between 10 and 20 pictures
8 – copies of publications if possible Material specifications
? low resolution files
? with captions written in the File Info field,
? only JPEG accepted (no TIFF or PSD)
? maximum images size : 3 MB
? Each Picture file has to be named and numbered, in the order the
photograph would like them to be shown to the jury
Any submissions which will not respect those precise specifications will be out of
Books or any other format will not be considered.
There should be no evidence on the pictures of the applicant?s identity in order to
maintain the anonymity of the dossiers. The photographs can be numbered,
Article 7 _ Liability
Canon the Association and Images-Evidence reserve the right to cancel granting the
Award under the present rules at any time and for whatever reason.
Article 8 _ Registration and Consultation of the Entry Rules
These entry rules will be sent free of charge upon request to the Association
These rules are only subject to French law. Only the French language version of the
rules shall be deemed authentic in the event of litigation conditions.
The application dossier must be sent no later than June 7, 2013?to the following address:?
address :
user : petaboulat
password : bourse
Surname :
First name :
Address :
Phone number:
Mobile :
Fax :
E-mail :
Occupation :
Organisation or agency (optional) :
Dossier content :
Send an application dossier including all the items listed in Article 6 of the Entry Rules.
The photographs enclosed that are part of my application for the Award were taken by
me and I hold the rights to them.
I authorise Images-Evidence, Canon and the Association Pierre & Alexandra Boulat to
use the enclosed material as set out in the Entry Rules.
I have read the Entry Rules and accept the conditions in their entirety.
Name :
Date :
Place :
Signature :

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