Behind the Scenes: Time Person of the Year 2018

Person Of The Year

Moises Saman photographing Shahidul Alam on Dec. 5 on his Dhaka, Bangladesh, rooftop

Portfolio Reviews ? Deadline for Registration 23rd January!

Some of our portfolio reviewers - Ruth Eichhorn, Jody Haines and Patrick Witty
Some of our portfolio reviewers – Ruth Eichhorn, Jody Haines and Patrick Witty

Pathshala is offering Portfolio Review sessions for photographers during Chobi Mela VII!
The portfolio review offers budding artists and veterans an opportunity to meet with eminent photographers, curators and editors for useful advice and guidance on their works and careers.
Among the portfolio reviewers😕Ruth Eichhorn/ Photo Editor/ Geo Magazine,?Patrick Witty/ Photo Editor/ Time Magazine,?Jody Haines/ Curator/Brisbane Power House, and many more? A mix as eclectic and varied as their headshots.
So don?t miss out!
The deadline for registration is 23rd January.?For further details please check the details on our?website.

Patrick Witty from TIME magazine at Chobi Mela

Photo by Patrick Witty
Photo by Patrick Witty

Patrick Witty Photo by Peter Hapak
Patrick Witty Photo by Peter Hapak

Panel discussion: New Directions ? Shifts in Editorial Space
With Shahidul Alam, Ruth Eichhorn and Patrick Witty
Monday, 28 January, 12PM, Edward M. Kennedy Center
Patrick Witty ? Lecture: Picture Editing in?TIME?magazine
Monday, 28 January, 6PM, Goethe-Institut
Patrick Witty is the international picture editor of?TIME?magazine. He?will give a lecture on his work at?TIME?as well as participate in the panel discussion on?New Directions ? Shifts in Editorial Space.?Apart from winning numerous awards with TIME, including the?World Press Photo of the Year?award and the?Visa d?Or for News?at Visa pour l?Image, Witty also served on the juries of the 2011 AnthropoGraphia Award and the 2011 Slovenian Press Photo Award.
In 2012 Witty was included on the?Huffington Post?s ?50 People In Media To Follow on Facebook? list. Follow Patrick Witty on?Facebook.

Colliding with the State


Lisa Botos from the Time Magazine office in Hong Kong, had done most of the hard work. Permissions had been obtained and the protocol arrangements had been made. The shoot was on. Having gone through the security hoop at the prime minister?s secretariat, I had settled in at the waiting room along with my colleagues photographer Aminuzzaman from Drik and writer Alex Perry and William Green from Time. That was when the trouble started. Officials rushed to usher me out of my seat. I was wondering what other security alert I had triggered off. My faux pas was somewhat more embarrassing. I had been sitting on the prime minister?s chair.
I had only been allocated a few minutes for the cover shoot, which went well despite one of my lamps blowing on me, but luckily the prime minister had agreed to our suggestion that we follow her on her trip to Pabna. I scurried to change gear for the outdoor shoot. Emptying memory cards, handing over existing images to to take to the library, a quick visit to the loo, were all things that needed to get done, except that I was told ?hurry, she is on her way to the helicopter.? Dumping equipment into my camera bag, handing over my laptop to, I stuck my digital wallet into the pile and made a dash for it. The loo would have to wait. That was when a strong arm jutted out in the corridor. The security guard had prevented me from running into the prime minister! Alex calmly asked me if I had run into other heads of state before. ?Only once? I had said, as I had nearly bumped into Mahathir while running up the stairs at the Mandarin Oriental in Kuala Lumpur. But that was a long time ago.
It was a long and eventful day and one I must write about, but for the moment you?ll need to settle for the cover image of the current Time Magazine (10th April 2006 issue) and Alex?s writeup.