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JULIAN ASSANGE: There can be no Western dissidents!

by rahnuma ahmed

ALL HELL broke loose when Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks, entered the Ecuadorian embassy in London last week to seek refuge. Initially, there was chaos and confusion, but the underlying emotion was distinctly identifiable. One of anger. Of seething, boiling rage.

Julian Assange who, despite winning most reader votes in Time magazine's 2010 Person of the Year poll, was edged out by Mark Zuckerburg, the billionaire CEO of Facebook.

Since then, the Western media, part of the Western establishment (or, the war-monger’s club), has gone into overdrive to establish what Sami Ramadani calls the “logical”  mainstream argument, which is repeated ad infinitum until a general acceptance has been secured. All others who suggest or claim otherwise are boxed as the “fringe,” given airtime once every ten-days-or-so, a ritualistic overture necessary to keep alive the illusion of democracy in the capitalist neo-liberal West. Clever overtures, since these, simultaneously, fix counter-arguments as being based not in equally credible oppositional stances but as being “the” fringe. However, the fringe, thanks to the internet, are raising powerful questions about Assange and Western dissidence, which the establishment media, and other ruling western apparatuses including human rights organisations, are choosing to ignore. Imperiously so.