Sarker Naman Protick awarded Prix Mark Grosset

Sarker Naman Protick de Pathshala South Asian Media Academy

Sarker Naman Protick?from the Pathshala South Asian Media Academy in Dahka, Bangladesh was awarded the Prix Mark Grosset in the ?Reportage? category with his work ?Of River And Lost Lands?..
?This is a story of two villages and a river.
Once, there was another village here. But the river took it.
The banks are made of nothing more than clay and sand. Hundreds of hectares of land are washed away each monsoon, when the rivers run fastest.
No River dam has been made to protect the existing villages. People are living right beside the bank, with fear and with hope.
The River is Padma and the place is Ishurdi, Bangladesh.?
Sarker Naman Protick

Michel Puech