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Tag: Ruth Eichhorn

Entry date for "The Other Hundred" extended to 15th April

Some of you might remember Ruth Eichhorn who was one of the participants in Chobi Mela VII. Ruth is one of the jury members for “The Other Hundred” contest. Here is some information on the contest.
Dear Shahidul ,
I hope this email finds you well. I am writing to follow-up on our earlier invitation to you to participate in a unique non-profit photography project called The Other Hundred.
The Other Hundred is a counterpoint to the Forbes 100, Bloomberg Billionaires list and the countless other rich-lists that are constantly making headlines and filling newsstands. This global non-profit project will be a collection of photo essays from world-class photographers and photojournalists from across the globe highlighting the world?s Other Hundred ? those people who aren?t among the world?s rich, but whose lives deserve to be celebrated. We very much admire your work and hope you are interested in participating.