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RVJN correspondent Rebeka Akter is working in the field to make a multimedia report in Bogra, Bangladesh, June 2012. ? Shafiq Islam/DrikNEWS

On 26 November, Drik launched the?Rural Visual Journalism Network?(RJVN), an initiative of Drik and supported by the?Academy partnership program in Bangladesh. RVJN is designed to address specific issues faced by media and give voice to rural citizens in Bangladesh. RJVN aims to create a network of rural visual journalists who, through their work, will be able to bring multimedia stories from the districts on governance, human rights, and other relation issues to the attention of the world. Over the next five years, a network of 60 professional photographers, NGO workers, and citizen journalists will be trained to produce multimedia (photography, video, text) stories from rural districts. Continue reading “RURAL VISUAL JOURNALISM NETWORK LAUNCHED IN BANGLADESH”

World Press Photo partners with Drik and Pathshala to train rural journalists

Drik, based in Dhaka, aims to challenge social inequality and bring positive change through multimedia communication. The partnership between World Press Photo and Drik focuses on improving Drik‘s organisational structure and also developing a Rural Visual Journalism Network.
Drik‘s education wing Pathshala, is an institute that offers media training to journalists. The partnership between World Press Photo and Pathshala aims to gain official accreditation for the institute and also manage the growth of the organisation.