Children's Eyes on Earth

2012 photography contest

Thousands of young photographers worldwide submitted their images to the?youth photography contest, which aims to raise awareness of environmental issues. Children aged 17 and under were encouraged to illustrate the themes of ‘I love nature’ and ‘I hate pollution’. Here are the winning shots, along with a selection from those shortlisted

Reza Deghati, the organiser of the contest, was the first tutor at Pathshala way back in 1998 who then went on to form the media organisation Aina in Afghanistan. Drik and Aina were partners in the Fredskorpset exchange. Reza was the guest of honour at Drik’s 23rd anniversary.

SOS by Anastasya Vorobko, 8, Russia, first prize winner

Grain by Sazzid Ahmed, 17, Bangladesh, shortlisted

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Children's Eyes on Earth

National Geographic photographer Reza Deghati was the first visiting faculty member of Pathshala, the South Asian Media Academy. He was involved in a series of three workshops spread over two years organised by World Press Photo Foundation. He was joined by Chris Boot, Rob Mountfort and Robert Pledge as well as Maarten Koets of World Press Photo and Zimbabwean photographer Trevor Davis. Reza talks about a new photo contest for children which he has initiated.