Majority World Partners with Skira


Press Release 8 March 2012

Additional corporate partner sought to join project to showcase new creative photographic talent from the majority world.
Majority World, the “photo agency with a difference” that reveals and promotes under represented local photographic talent from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, has joined forces with Skira International Publishing, the highly respected Italian publishing house in Milan, to boost the visibility of locally sourced majority world imagery across the globe.
Majority World and Skira will be using the Responsible Business Exhibition 2012 to kick start the search for another corporate partner to join the project. The objective is to publish and distribute internationally our first MAJORITY WORLD ALMANAC 2012, a survey of stunning locally sourced images from the developing world which tell the positive, inspiring, and untold stories of everyday life in the developing world, seldom covered by the western press. The project aims to widen the number of countries and photographers represented, and to create a more balanced understanding of contemporary life in the developing world as interpreted through the eyes of Majority World‘s growing community of creative photographers.
Sponsor/s would receive full publishing credit, recognition, with associated events on an annual basis. By providing for majority world photographers to make their work visible globally, the project will bring direct economic benefit through assignments, publishing sales and global sales of their stock imagery.

For further information contact:

Colin Hastings, Managing Director
m: +44 07785 251 751
Chris Barwick, Business Development Director
m:+44 07969 461 117

PopTech 2011 Interview:

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PopTech 2011 Interview: Shahidul Alam on photography for change

Lindsay Borthwick?(?BIO / ??POSTS )??|??Friday, October 21, 2011 UTC
Shahidul Alam walked on stage on Thursday wearing a marigold-colored salwar kameez, a camera over his left shoulder, and a beltpack slung around his hips. There was no mistaking his calling. The Bangladeshi photographer, activist and social entrepreneur has almost single-handedly rebalanced the world of photojournalism, long dominated by Western photographers and their worldview. He has shifted its lens eastward and southward by training legions of photographers in his homeland, creating an award-winning photo agency to sell their work and founding a prestigious international photography festival to showcase their talent. And this fall, he published a book,?My Journey as a Witness, telling the story of Bangladeshi photography as an instrument of social justice. He serves as an ambassador of this movement, in the words of PopTech?s executive director, Andrew Zolli, ?travelling the world leaving new cultures of art makers in his wake.? We sat down with Alam backstage in Camden, Maine.
PopTech: You founded?Drik, a photo agency, and the?Chobi MelaInternational Festival of Photography. Why did you feel it was important for Bangladeshi photographers, as well as their peers, to have these outlets for their work?
Shahidul Alam: Firstly, it was a question of addressing this very distorted perception people have of what I call the ?majority world? countries. Our poverty is a reality, but that is not the only identity that we have. Secondly, I wanted to challenge a very unidirectional form of storytelling that has — to a large extent — been propagated by the West. The richness and diversity of human life gets lost in a very agenda-led information distribution system. So that was the beginning.
We also wanted to celebrate our own culture. It?s not that I am against white, Western photographers producing work in Bangladesh — I think our ideas need to be challenged just as much. It?s the monopoly of dissemination that I was against. So we wanted to create a space for diversity — for both Western work and our own work. That?s where the Chobi Mela festival came in — to facilitate that cultural infusion.
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