Majority World featured in 2011's Best Photo Blog

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La Lettre features Majority World

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Probably because it was first invented in Europe and probably because it was, for a long time, a rich man?s club, photography has been predominately a western hemisphere preoccupation. For a very long time both its creators ( photographers) and its support ( magazines) have been geolocated in those countries that had fought the second world war. The rest of the world was only involved in photography as a subject but not a participant.
No longer. Cameras have reach affordable pricing while the internet has made publishing extremely easy and cheap. It is the end of the western?s world hegemony on photography. No longer can the so call developed countries can and should impose its photographic vision. Enters?Majority World photo agency.
Majority World is a not just a new photo agency but rather, as they call themselves, a social enterprise, that works with very talented photographers from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Middle East. They bring this vision to the old world, facilitating in the process the emergence of a strong local photographic creative culture. They bridge the gap between photographers from emerging countries and image buyers from developed countries, allowing the third world visual voice to be heard, or rather to be seen. Because they are not tangled in cultural cliches or image saturation like their North American or European peers, the?Majority World photographers bring highly refreshing and extremely talented imagery.
Majority World has just recently relaunched it?s online platform here 😕
They are based in the UK and can be reached at :