Jodi Bieber at Chobi Mela

Jodi Bieber to attend Chobi Mela VII International Festival of Photography

Photo by Jodi Bieber

Photo by Jodi Bieber

Jodi Bieber
Jodi Bieber

Jodi Bieber ? Artist?s Talk
Tuesday, 29 January, 7PM

Jodi Bieber ? Workshop: Masterclass on Story-telling
26- 30 January

South African photographer Jodi Bieber will be holding an artist?s talk as well as conducting a workshop during Chobi Mela VII. She worked extensively as a photographer in South Africa leading up to and during South Africa?s first democratic elections and focused on her country of birth in her book?Between Dogs and Wolves ? Growing up with South Africa, a project Bieber worked on over a ten-year period between 1994 and 2004.
Bieber?s photograph of Bibi Aisha, an Afghan woman whose face got mutilated by her husband, brother-in-law, and three other family members, has seared itself into the memory of each and everyone. A brutal symbol of the violence that so many Afghan women face, the photograph, which was on the cover of?TIME?magazine, was selected as the?World Press Photo of the Year?in 2010.
Bieber also?works?on special projects?for non- profit?organisations, such as?M?decins Sans Fronti?res.

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