Government’s self-publicity with public money

by Taj Hashmi in The Daily Star

The Daily Star
It is time to protest the ruling Awami League’s self-publicity through billboards at a staggering cost of more than Tk.3 crore (one senior minister would possibly say taxpayers’ Tk.3 crore is “rubbish” as he “rubbished” the 4,000 crore stolen by Hall-Mark). I am really shocked and saddened by the government’s overwhelming “billboard campaign” — whose impact will be grossly under-whelming though — and the deafening silence of our civil society, intellectuals, politicians and youths over this scandalous act of the ruling party. The removal of commercial billboards to the detriment of commercial firms by the government is also shockingly unwarranted.


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Part IV Military-installed caretaker govt, or a 'consortium' govt?


But let me return to the central question: is it reasonable to claim that western governments were directly involved in the consortium project? That they were, as I argue, not only one of the constitutive elements, but the leading one?
Some may reply that the presence of the Coffee Group (generally known as the “Tuesday Club”), the frenzied activity of its members prior to the consortium coup, and after — settles the matter. That, the evidence of their activities is well-documented in both print  and electronic media, that it is considerably strong, and that convictions on the basis of far less circumstantial evidence have been awarded by courts of law, ones that enjoy credibility.
A WikiLeaks leaked cable dated January 11, 2007 (Subject: Diplomats Coordinate Strategy On Bangladesh, Reference ID: 07DHAKA53), signed by Patricia Butenis, then US ambassador to Bangladesh, describes the Tuesday Club thus to her superiors in Washington, Continue reading “Part IV Military-installed caretaker govt, or a 'consortium' govt?”

Celebrating Life

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Lifetime Achievement Awards 2011

In 2010, Celebrating Life Contests comprise Lifetime Achievement Awards, which pays due respect to those who have been involved in Filmmaking/ Television Production, Photography and Lyrics Writing for decades. The Lifetime Achievement Award went to Mostofa Monwar (Filmmaking/ Television Production), Rashid Talukder (Photography) and Mohammad Rafiquzzaman (Lyrics).
The Lifetime Achievement Award Category is meant to honour those who have made significant contributions, each in their own fields, and have enabled their medium to reach a higher level.
Rumour has it that in 2011 the Lifetime Achievement Award will be given to yours truly.
Drik ICT and Drik AV will jointly be streaming the event at: Drik TV
Venue: Bangabandhu Convention Center
Date: 12 Sept 2011
Chief Guest: Md. Abul Kalam Azad (Hon?able Minister of Cultural Affairs , People?s Republic of Bangladesh, at the foyer)

6:00 pm Guests Arrive
6:30 pm Inauguration of the Celebrating Life Photo Exhibition by Md. Abul Kalam Azad,
Hon?able Minister of Cultural Affairs , People?s Republic of Bangladesh, at the foyer
6:45 pm Presentation of a Bangla group song based on a winning lyrics from the Celebrating Life 2011 competition
6:50 pm Welcome address by Mahfuz Anam, Editor and Publisher of The Daily Star
6:55 pm Speech by Md. Abul Kalam Azad, Hon?able Minister of Cultural Affairs, People?s Republic of Bangladesh
7:00 pm Vote of Thanks by Jim McCabe, CEO, Standard Chartered Bank, Bangladesh
7:05 pm Audio and visual presentation on the three lifetime achievements award winners
7:11 pm Lifetime achievement awards in the film, music and photography categories
7:17 pm Award giving to winners of lyrics, photography and film categories
7:30 pm Presentation of a group dance based on a winning lyrics from the competition.
7:35pm Introduction about Ustad Rashid Khan
7:40 pm Classical performance by Ustad Rashid Khan
9:30 pm Program Ends