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Al Jazeera and U.S. Foreign Policy: What WikiLeaks' U.S. Embassy Cables Reveal about U.S. Pressure and Propaganda

?The U.S. Embassy cables published by WikiLeaks present numerous very interesting stories about how Al Jazeera was brought to heel by the U.S. Government.? The U.S. Embassy in Doha, and officials from Washington, used a variety of direct and indirect methods of ensuring a greater degree of compliance on the part of Al Jazeera.? Elaborates?? Maximilian C. Forte .

Maximilian C. Forte
Associate professor in anthropology at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada.
His website 😕

“Al Jazeera is a vital component to the USG’s strategy in communicating with the Arab world.” –?Joseph E. LeBaron, U.S. Ambassador to Qatar, November 6, 2008
“Al Jazeera Board Chairman Hamed bin Thamer Al Thani has proven open to creative uses of Al Jazeera’s airwaves by the USG beyond straightforward interviews.” —?Joseph E. LeBaron, U.S. Ambassador to Qatar, February 10, 2009