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Western media and al-Jazeera?s complicity. CONCLUDING PART: INVASION OF LIBYA

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By rahnuma ahmed
Truth has been the first casualty of `war? in Libya, I wrote last week.
As anti-war groups gather evidence including pictures and videos of war crimes committed by NATO and NATO-backed rebels in Libya, as French lawyers prepare lawsuits against president Nicolas Sarkozy for committing crimes against humanity–`using missiles with depleted uranium which cause cancer,? targeting `electricity, water and food supply? ? independent journalists demand that CNN, France24, the BBC and al-Jazeera be tried for violating international law. For committing crimes against peace.
Thierry Meyssan of, a web of non-aligned press groups based in Beirut, insists that crimes committed by satellite TV stations are `more serious? than those by NATO and Western intelligence in Libya. Why? Because media intoxication `precedes? the commitment of crimes by military alliances and western governments (Journalists who engage in war propaganda must be held accountable, August 16, 2011). It enables these crimes.
According to international laws and conventions, `war propaganda? is illegal. The UN General Assembly Resolution 110 condemns `[P]ropaganda which is either designed or likely to provoke or encourage any threat to the peace, breach of the peace, or act of aggression? (3 November 1947). Further strengthened by two more resolutions passed later: 381 (17 November 1950), and 819 (11 December 1954).
Designed or likely to provoke aggression? Well, at first, there was the `genocide?, and Gaddafi is `bombing? his people propaganda. The Libyan opposition made alarmist warnings about genocide on February 21, claims that were carried by al-Jazeera and the BBC.