Tag: Saiful Islam

  • The spirit of a ghostly fabric

    Having heard Saif speak of muslin over the last three years, I had gained some knowledge, albeit second hand. Going out filming with him to museums, arboretums and libraries, I had met some of the world?s leading experts. Lived part of the history. A surprise awaited me. It is not a book written by an…

  • Media Leaders and Drik discuss potential of New Media

    Rural Visual Journalism Network launched in Bangladesh Dhaka, 26 November, 2012: Drik held an interactive global dialogue today, with media leaders looking at the potential of New Media and the creation of content to suit the evolving market place.  Saiful Islam, CEO Drik in his welcome address stressed the importance of moving into the global…

  • DNA Drik Newsletter May 2012

    Drik’s regular newsletter. Edited by Chulie de Silva