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Tag: RAB-4

Enforced disappearances. Missing, dead

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by rahnuma ahmed

A fruit trader.
A businessman cum political activist.
Two brothers.
A timber trader.
The timber trader’s elder brother.
The elder brother’s business partner.
Mohammad Salim Mian. Sujon. Jalal ud din. Lal Babu. Akbor Ali Shordar. Ayub Ali Shordar. Abdur Rahman (Increased incidence of enforced disappearance, Asian Legal Resource Centre, August 24, 2010).
Members of the Rapid Action Battalion (RAB)-4 picked up Salim from his relative’s house in Kapasia, Gazipur, on February 19, 2010. They handcuffed him. Blindfolded him. Disappeared to date.
In Sujon’s case, no, it wasn’t RAB-4, but allegedly, RAB-2. Its members kidnapped ?him from a Dhaka city street on March 24, 2010. At first, the police refused to record the complaint of family members. Nothing doing, RAB enjoys impunity. It was accepted only after RAB’s name had been supplanted by `unidentified persons.’ Missing to date.
Jalal ud din and Lal Babu were arrested on March 18, 2010 from the Bihari colony in Mirpur, Dhaka where stranded Pakistanis ? state-less citizens, belonging neither to Pakistan, nor to Bangladesh ? live. RAB-4 again. Heavily armed, they cordoned the ?entire neighbourhood. No explanation. No arrest warrants either. That’s the norm.