Bijon Sarker died today?

By Munem Wasif

Bijon Sarker died today.
When I heard he had an accident, I was at Pathshala. Suddenly I didn?t know what to do, whom to call. I though of calling Popi da his son, but we weren’t on good terms since Bijon da?s interview in Kamra. It was hard for me.

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Came back home and found scroll news on tv screens that Bijon Sarker is severely injured. I called Chandan bhai, he was on his way to the hospital. We realized he would need lot of money for his treatment. I tried raising little money from students, friends, collogues, from Drik, from Pathshala. It was hard but we managed to raise a little money. Of course that was not enough. I went to hospital few times, there was nothing we could do. He was in ICU, alone.

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Next day I had to fly to Cambodia. Saw the beautiful festival in Siem Reap, biked with friends in the countryside, had wonderful food in the streets. I came back after few weeks and got involved with so many things. Called Munni apa and Chandan bhai to get his update. But nothing much, Bijon da was still lying in his bed senseless.
Bijon da was one of the few photographers of his time who pushed the boundary of images while everybody else was busy making pretty photographs. He experimented in the darkroom and created images that we had never seen. He was concerned about the Bangladesh Photography Society. He missed Beg Shaheb as his companion. He was sad he didn?t manage to inspire the next generation of photographers to experiment and to learn to see the unseen. He was a poet who walked alone in the narrow streets of Old Dhaka. No body has written a feature about him in a newspaper, there was no book by him; his negatives have been eaten by ghun poka.

@ Bijon Sarker/ From BPS catalogue

@ Bijon Sarker/ From BPS catalogue
I promised him I would arrange a darkroom, papers and chemical, so he could start making photographs without a camera. He told me nobody must go to the darkroom; nobody could see his images before he had finished. Yes Bijon da I promised. I failed.

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Bijon da died today; there were only a few people in Shahid Minar. We couldn?t manage a little more space for this artist to work. He was the?Man Ray?of Bengal.
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Mohammad Ali Salim

Remembering the BPS (Bangladesh Photographic Society) Days

Mohammad Ali Salim was awarded several distinctions including: EFIAP/s (Excellence FIAP Silver) distinction from The International Federation of Photographic Art, EPSA (Excellence PSA) from Photographic Society of America, AIIPC (Associate of India International Photographic Council), and ABPS (Associate of the Bangladesh Photographic Society).
Salim was born in 1959 and has been photographing since 1972. He received his diploma in Professional Photography from the New York Institute of Photography in 1995. Salim?s work has been shown around the world including solo exhibitions in Australia, Bangladesh, Italy, India and the United Sates.
He had numerous acceptances in FIAP approved and PSA recognized international salons throughout 56 countries. Salim received 135 international awards including Grand prize, 3 PSA Gold, CPI Gold,? Asahi Shimbun Gold, FSS Gold, Janez? Puhar Silver, 4 ? ICity Trophy Monte Sant’Angelo silver,PSA Bronze,? Algarve Mammal, Norga Medal and FIAP/PSA HM.
Salim had many publications including work featured in ?The World and I? magazine published in Washington D.C.,”Where Three Dreams Cross” – 150 years of photography from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh; Published by Whitechapel Gallery, London; and works published in several countries including Australia, Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom.


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