The Ruin of Indonesian Society

Indonesia: 50 Years After the Coup and the CIA Sponsored Terrorist Massacre. The Ruin of Indonesian Society


Last year, I stopped travelling to Indonesia. I simply did? I just could not bear being there, anymore. It was making me unwell. I felt psychologically and physically sick.
Indonesia has matured into perhaps the most corrupt country on Earth, and possibly into the most indoctrinated and compassionless place anywhere under the sun. Here, even the victims were not aware of their own conditions anymore. The victims felt shame, while the mass murderers were proudly bragging about all those horrendous killings and rapes they had committed. Genocidal cadres are all over the government. Continue reading “The Ruin of Indonesian Society”


A boatload of refugees making the 200-mile journey to Christmas Island.


By LUKE MOGELSONMore than a thousand refugees have died trying to reach Christmas Island. But faced with unbearable conditions at home, they keep coming.Photographs by


November 15, 2013

It?s about a two-and-a-half-hour drive, normally, from Indonesia?s capital city, Jakarta, to the southern coast of Java. In one of the many trucks that make the trip each month, loaded with asylum seekers from the Middle East and Central Asia, it takes a little longer. From the bed of the truck, the view is limited to a night sky punctuated by fleeting glimpses of high-rise buildings, overpasses, traffic signs and tollbooths. It is difficult to make out, among the human cargo, much more than the vague shapes of bodies, the floating tips of cigarettes. When you pass beneath a street lamp, though, or an illuminated billboard, the faces thrown into relief are all alive with expectation. Eventually, the urban pulse subsides; the commotion of the freeway fades. The drooping wires give way to darkly looming palms. You begin to notice birds, and you can smell the sea. Continue reading “THE DREAM BOAT”


A collective exhibition featuring stories from Queensland College of Art and Pathshala South Asia Media Institute students.

Image: Louis Lim Beneath the Neon Lights 2013
Image: Louis Lim Beneath the Neon Lights 2013

Thursday 23 May ? Saturday 25 May
Opening night 6pm Thursday 23 May
Guest Speaker: Dr Shahidul Alam
RSVP 07 3735 6106 or
Gallery opening hours Tuesday to Saturday 9 ? 5pm
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Jody Haines from Brisbane Powerhouse at Chobi Mela

'Bandicoot with quince', 2005, by Marian Drew
‘Bandicoot with quince’, 2005, by Marian Drew

jody haines
Jody Haines
Jody Haines ? Slide-show: Australian Photography
Tuesday, 29 January, 6PM, Goethe-Institut
Jody Haines ? Workshop:?Curating 101
2- 5 February, Pathshala
Jody Haines is the?Curator and Exhibitions Co-ordinator?for?Brisbane Powerhouse, one of Australia?s leading Multi Arts institutions. Together with Brisbane Powerhouse she? has developed a solid programme of documentary based photography delivering over 90 photographic exhibitions ranging from international to local artists. Haines is the curator for the slide-show on?Australian photography?and will also hold a?workshop?on curating at?Pathshala.
Visit Jody Haines? website:?

Max Pam to Attend Chobi Mela VII

Photo by Max Pam
Photo by Max Pam

Max Pam

Max Pam

Max Pam ? Artist?s Talk
Tuesday, 5 February, 5PM
Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

Max Pam?s?Indian Ocean Journals?will be on view 25 January ? 7 February at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy

Australian photographer Max Pam?s first book?Going East: Twenty Years of Asian Photography?was featured in Phaidon?s?The Photobook: A History Volume 2?in 2006 and won the prestigious?Grand Prix du Livre Photographique?in 1992. Other published books include:?Max Pam?and?Ethiopia. Pam?s most recent book?Atlas Monographs?won the International Photo Book Prize at?PHotoEspa?a?in Madrid in 2010. His prints are in national and private collections in Australia, France, Great Britain, Italy and Japan.

?For the past 30 years I have consistently returned to fieldwork in Asia as a source of inspiration for my life. The visual production that resulted in these diverse journeys of self discovery in Asia are an autobiographical narrative. As a photographer I am a storyteller and it is the visual language of my story that has formed the basis of a trilogy of work on Asia in the form of 3 books:?Going East,?Indian Ocean Journals?and?Atlas Monographs.? ?Max Pam

Visit the website of Max Pam?

Griffith University: Bangladesh Workshop

2013 Bangladesh Photography


Bangladesh Workshop Photography
Bangladesh has become a global centre for photography, particularly photojournalism. The internationally significant photo agency?Drik, world-beating school?Pathshala, and renowned biennial festival?Chobi Mela?are all based in Dhaka, setup by the celebrated photographer and activist?Dr Shahidul Alam.
Through a collaborative partnership,?QCA?Photography is now pleased to be able to offer a combined workshop with?Pathshala?and participate in?Chobi Mela VII.? This 3-week field trip will include:

  • Attending the international photography festival,?Chobi Mela.
  • 5-Day Masterclass with an international guest lecturer.
  • 12-Day collaborative workshop involving students and staff from the?QCA?and?Pathshala South Asian Media Academy?in several locations across Bangladesh.

Continue reading “Griffith University: Bangladesh Workshop”

Ellipsis: Opening Event

2012 Graduating Photography Students Exhibition Opening
Queensland College of Art Griffith University
Opening Event Thursday 15 November
6:00 pm Open for public viewing
6:30 pm Opening speech by Dr. Shahidul Alam and Awards Cermony
9:00 pm Close of Graduating Exhibition Event

Shahidul Alam interviewed on Radio Australia

Shahidul Alam interviewed on Radio Australia

It’s a photographic exhibition that’s being described as “a quiet metaphor for the screaming truth.”
From early days, the force became notorious for the number of people killed, allegedly during gun battles, because they had been caught in the ‘crossfire’.
To draw attention to these killings, photographer Shahidul Alam created a project callled ‘Crossfire’ which has shown amidst?controversy?in Bangladesh. The show later went to Queen’s Museum in New York and now comes to Australia.
Presenter: Liam Cochrane
Speakers: Shahidul Alam, award-winning photographer and human rights activist.
Exhibitions in Powerhouse Museum Brisbane: Bangladesh 1971 and?Crossfire
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Bangladesh 1971

From the Drik Agency Archive

7 November?at?09:00?until?3 December?at?17:00 in UTC+10

Muktijoddha (freedom fighter) in guerilla training camp. Bangladesh 1971. ??Abdul Hamid Raihan/Drik/Majority World

This documentary photographic exhibition presents historical photographic overview of the Bangladesh war of independence in 1971.
The Bangladesh war of independence was one of the bloodiest conflicts in living memory. An incredible list of talented and deeply dedicated photographers from all across the globe responded to one of the greatest humanitarian crises of recent times. This included several Bangladeshi photographers; some professional, some amateur. Unlike their western counterparts, these photogr

aphers worked on their own, taking huge risks as they were themselves amongst the persecuted. Their documents are an indictment of those who caused the pain and the ones who let it happen. They are a tribute to those who fought valiantly.
Shown for the first time in Australia, this unique archival collection embodies the pride of Bangladesh?s struggle for independence, the pain of loss, the humiliation of being violated and the joy of victory.
Opening night: 6.30pm Wed 07 Nov
Brisbane Powerhouse
Presented by Drik, UQ?s Centre of Communication and Social Change, School of Journalism and Communication, Griffith University?s Queensland College of Art (QCA) and Brisbane Powerhouse
119 Lamington St,?New Farm, Queensland, Australia 4005

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