Chobi Mela VII: Opportunity Knocks

Photo by Adnan Wahid/Drik/Majoity World
Photo by Adnan Wahid/Drik/Majoity World

The 3rd February ?saw the opening ceremony of the last exhibition at Chobi Meal VII. The festival intends to bring together veteran and budding photographers ? and what better way to do so than to hold workshops. During?Morten Krogvold?s workshop?titled??Opportunity Knocks?, the Norwegian photographer sent out the participants to find new ways of looking at their surroundings and the city of Dhaka.
Morten Krogvold at the opening ceremony Photo by Adnan Wahid/Drik/Majority World
Morten Krogvold at the opening ceremony Photo by Adnan Wahid/Drik/Majority World
Norwegian Ambassador Ragne Birte Lund during the opening ceremony Photo by Adnan Wahid/Drik/Majority World
The exhibition ?Students Work? will be on view at the?Asiatic Gallery of Fine Arts?(5, Old Secretariat Road) until 9 February.

Morten Krogvold at Chobi Mela VII

Photo by Morten Krogvold
Photo by Morten Krogvold

Morten Krogvold
Morten Krogvold
Morten Krogvold ? Artist?s Talk?? ??
Wednesday, 30 January, 7PM, Goethe-Institut
Morten Krogvold ? Workshop ?Aesthetics in Photography??
26 January ? 1 February, Pathshala ??? ?
Students? work ? Morten Krogvold Workshop/Opening ceremony?? ? .
Sunday, 3 February, 4PM, Asiatic Gallery of Fine Arts
Morten Krogvold is a Norwegian photographer and writer, especially known for his portraits of artists, politicians and other celebrities. He has published numerous books and held many exhibitions. Krogvold was appointed?Knight of the Order of St. Olav?in 2005, received the?Hasselblad Masters Award?in 2002 and has been the?creative director?for?Nordic Light International Festival of Photography?in Norway from 2006-2012.
Visit Morten Krogvold?s website?

Aesthetics in Photography by Morten Krogvold

Morten Krogvold has a major impact as a teacher in Norway and abroad. He has so far held more than 100 workshops in Norway & other countries of the world and this is his 6th workshop in Bangladesh. His dynamic black & white and color photographs have been extensively exhibited throughout the world, including Bangladesh, the Republic of China, France Botswana, Canada, Sweden, USA & of course, Norway. Krogvold was appointed Knight of the Order of St. Olav in 2005, received Hasselblad master award in 2002 and he is creative director for Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, Norway from 2006-2012.

The objective of this workshop is to develop participants? aesthetics in photography. Morten will look at the portfolios of each participants concentrating on composition, light, printing & craftsmanship and give valuable feedback. Participants should be prepared to receive honest and hard feedback and push their limits. The focus will be on developing a single image; there will be assignments all through the workshop. His lectures are as inspiring as his photos. It starts with history of art and end with the formation of classic paintings and its relationship with photography.

His teaching methods are novel. Using painting, literature, sculpture and music for inspiration, he imbibes in his students an appreciation of life and culture, which they can use to drive their own photography. Morten is an energetic, lively & resourceful presence in any room, believes ?the winners of the future are those who use creativity & individual thought.?

Workshop Details

  • Venue-?Pathshala, 26 Jan to 1st Feb

  • Language-?English

  • Timing-?Workshop will meet everyday from 9 am to 6 pm- but participants should be prepared to put in longer hours.

  • Fee-?100 US Dollar/ 8000 thousand Bangladeshi Taka

  • Logistics-?The fee excludes the cost of accommodation, food, visa fee and all kind of logistics. The students should carry his/her digital camera and laptop.

  • Participants-?20 students (14 seats are already booked)

  • Deadline for submission– 10th Jan, 2013, 4 pm Bangladeshi time.

  • Who can apply– We will give more priority to young (under 30) students from Asia.

Portfolio submission

  • Photos– Max 15- Story/Series

  • Dimension– 800 pixels, save as 8, jpeg

  • Story text– Max 300 word

  • Bio– Max 300 word

  • Send to- in one zip file)

Application Deadline:Jan 10th, 4 pm (Dhaka time), 2013

For more information please contact?

Bio-Morten Krogvold (born 3 May 1950) is a Norwegian photographer and writer. Krogvold is especially known for his portraits of artists, politicians and other celebrities. He has published numerous books, held numerous exhibitions.


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Morten Krogvold Workshop

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Chobi Mela VI 2011

Photo: Farzana Hossen

First of all, I would like to thank all 26 of the students in this workshop for being willing to undertake hard labor and endure pressure to push limits, break boundaries and grow. If have been critical in the beginning, it was because of my own passionate belief that they could succeed at a level they might not themselves imagine. I feel a responsibility to give them this opportunity to concentrate on what is most important, and to discover the joy in that hard, demanding work.
I am very happy that they now understand that photography is about self-discovery. I am pleased, and they should be pleased, about this wonderful work. This is their moment, and they should enjoy every bit of it.
A special thanks to Shehab, who has been very important in helping this to succeed.

Morten Krogvold
January 2011


A Different Bangladesh


Photo: Sigrun Aker NordengMENTOR AND STUDENT. Photographer Morten Krogvold is pleased with student Prasit Stapith’s picture in the photo exhibition. Photo: Sigrun Aker Nordeng

Last updated:?27/01/2011 //??How do you want to display Bangladesh to the world?? Norwegian photographer Morten Krogvold asked his students during his workshop at the Chobi Mela festival this month. The result: A diverse portrait of Dhaka and Bangladesh.

28 photo students from Bangladesh and Nepal could this week show their pictures during the?Chobi Mela festival in Bangladesh after a seven day workshop supported by the Norwegian Foreign Ministry. World renowned Norwegian photographer, Morten Krogvold, was once again responsible for the workshop, which has taken place since 2002.

?The Slum Trap?

Photo: Faisal AzaminPhoto: Faisal Azamin

Krogvold wanted to challenge his students to show a Bangladesh that was different from the traditional pictures the world so often is presented-?It is all too easy to get stuck in the ?Slum trap?. To bring your camera down to the slum is for me the easy way out ? you?ll get touching pictures without putting in any effort at all. I tried to challenge the students to think in new ways and focus on their Dhaka, says Krogvold.
Easier said than done. Almost all of the participants were first year students and with minimal experience in photography. After the students returned from their first photo trip, Krogvold had jokingly proclaimed that he wanted to ?shoot them all in the backyard?.
Still, student Anja Maharja merely has positive things to say about her mentor.
-?I have learned a lot from Morten. He can be strict, but he pushed us to be better photographers, says Maharja, who is represented with two pictures in the exhibition.

Asia?s largest Photo Festival

After one week of intense photo lessons, combined with inspirational classes on art history, music and movies, the students could this week present their own exhibition:?Self-discovery?. Krogvold is impressed with the students work.
-?The exhibition today is a more accurate portrait of Dhaka. It?s not just poverty and misery, but also growth, roller blades and development. This is a picture of this crazy town that I recognize, says Krogvold.

Photo: Farzana HossenPhoto: Farzana Hossen

The exhibition is a part of the Chobi Mela festivalen, which is said to be Asia?s largest photo festival, with exhibitions from 31 different countries. Krogvold is also represented in the festival with his exhibition?Encounters?.

Photo: Morten KrogvoldMAJESTIC PICTURES. Norwegian photographer Morten Krogvold will be presenting his pictures at the Chobi Mela VI photo festival, arranged by Drik and the photography academy Pathshala from the 21st of January to February 3rd. . Photo: Morten Krogvold

Last updated:?19/01/2011 //?Morten Krogvold, Norway’s most famous photopgrapher, is currently in Bangladesh. Be sure not to miss his exhibiton at the Chobi Mela festival!

With art exhibitions?nationally and internationally, as well as workshops and seminars all over the world,?Morten?Krogvold?has establish himself as well-known?photographer on the world scene. Now, you have the opportunity of seeing his pictures right here in Bangladesh!

Morten KrogvoldMorten Krogvold

Photo festvial

As a part of the?Chobi Mela photo?festival, Krogvold will be presenting?a collection of his?pictures?in an exhibition at the national art gallery,Bangladesh?Shilpakala Academy from the?21st January?until the 3rd of?February.
During the festival Krogvold will also?be holding a picture presentation in the Goethe Institute in Dhanmondi. This presentation will take place?on the?22nd??of January, 7pm.

Student workshops

Krogvold is no stranger to Bangladesh. Rather, he has been conducting photo workshops for students since 2002. This year, Krogvold will once again?be conducting?a workshop?for?photo students in Dhaka.?28 students from Nepal and Bangladesh?is scheduled to participate.

The student exhibition ?Self-discovery? will be upon for public from January 25th until 3rd of February at the Asiatic Gallery of Fine Arts in Dhaka.