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We would like to announce that BRAC University and Pathshala Broadcast and Multimedia Department in collaboration with ERASMUS University in Rotterdam is offering the 2nd batch Postgraduate Certificate Course on Broadcast and Cross-Media Journalism starting on May 19th 2013.This course is designed to impart theoretical critical understanding of broadcast and new media trends, as well as to provide practical training.
Admission criteria
Prospective students must have an approved Bachelor?s degree in any subject, with a minimum CGPA of 2.5 or equivalent. In some exceptional cases, such as an experienced journalist or media person, this rule may be relaxed.
Curriculum Structure
A total of 12 credits would be required for the completion of this one-semester certificate course. Classroom hours will be 3 hours per week per 3-credit course for 13 weeks. An extra examination week will also be counted.
Core areas of the courses

  1. 1.???? Presentation and Interview (3 credits):

This course will teach students on how to structure different types of interviews, including informative interviews, human interest interviews and confrontational interviews. Making interviews and presenting them for television, will include issues such as anchoring. Emphasis will be given on diction and pronunciation.

  1. 2.???? Investigative Reporting (3 credits):

This course will introduce students to different research methods and principles. Students will be guided towards principles that will help them in finding a story and illustrating it with facts and figures. Data management and presentation will be an important component. Strategy and methods of investigation and verification will be emphasized.? How to identify and quote sources will be part of the training imparted here.

  1. 3.???? Documentary Film (3 credits):

The theory and practice of documentary film-making will be the main focus of this course. The course will debate issues of the difference between reality and fiction, before scripting for documentary films, putting their ideas into scriptable form, and will be encouraged to do analysis and research before embarking on their projects. Elements of producing and making a documentary film will be debated and discussed. Practical assignments will involve producing short documentary items.

  1. 4.???? Cross Media Storytelling (3 credits):

Cross media tells stories and conveys information through different media forms using one platform that is the internet. These stories and information are broadcast through the internet, television and mobile phones, and other newly-emerging technologies. Students will be trained in using this new platform, through cross media conception, including storytelling, eliciting user generated content, and analyzing the relevance of their stories. Students will work on their own cross media projects during the course.
* Special evening and weekend classes
* State-of-the-art broadcasting equipment and studio
* Rich library with free access to online journals
* Free WiFi access
Admission information:
Application deadline: April 24, 2013
Admission Test: April 26, 2013
Time: 10:00 am
Classes start:
May 19, 2013
Apply online:?
Contact us:
BRAC University
66 Mohakhali, Dhaka 1212
PATHSHALA Broadcast and Multimedia Department
TK Bhaban, 13 Kawran Bazar, Dhaka 1215
Tel: 01927 122 140, 01780 379 399.
PATHSHALA Broadcast & Multimedia Department

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