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Chobi Mela  VIIChobi Mela VII ? Photo: Drik
Chobi Mela VII ? Photo: Drik
Chobi Mela VII ? Photo: Drik
Chobi Mela VII ? Photo: Drik
Chobi Mela VII ? Photo: Drik
Chobi Mela VII
International Festival of Photography, Bangladesh, 2013
February 2013Since its inception in 2000, Chobi Mela International Festival of Photography has aimed at exploring the semiotics of present-day photographic practice in a broad international context, to bring about an understanding of the medium both within the industry and amongst the public at large.
The theme for Chobi Mela VII this year is Fragility, and it presented the creative work of established as well as hitherto unknown photographers. The multi-faceted festival was launched on 25 January 2013. The festival brought together print and digital presentations that challenge the traditional perceptions of art reaching out to the public through gallery, open-air/unconventional locations and mobile touring exhibitions. Parallel to the exhibitions there were workshops, discussions, seminars and lectures initiating debates and discussions on issues central to contemporary photographic practice.
In keeping with the ethos of Drik, Chobi Mela has always symbolised a struggle against hegemony and oppression. The past festivals, thematically addressed Differences, Exclusion, Resistance, Boundaries, Freedom and Dreams gave an opportunity to fine art photographers, conceptual artists and photo journalists, to explore social inequality, in its myriad forms.
The festival featured:
33 Solo Print Exhibitions
Digital presentations
Portfolio review
Presentations by Picture Libraries/Agencies
Review of image-related publications/Book launches
Publication ceremony
Film screenings
Video conferences
Lifetime Achievement award
Exhibition Venues: Alliance Fran?aise de Dhaka, Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy, Bengal Gallery, Dhaka Art Center, Drik Gallery, Lichutola-Dhaka University.

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19 image pagesChobi Mela VII

International Festival of Photography
25 January – 7 February 2013
Theme: Fragility
Artists from 23 countries
Chobi Mela
Drik Picture Library Ltd.
House 58, Road 15A (New)
Dhanmondi Residential Area
Dhaka 1209
Website / Email
Founder and Director:
Shahidul Alam


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