Australian foreign minister suggests ?assassination? of Syrian leaders

By Patrick O?Connor?

11 October 2012 (World Socialist Website)

Australian Foreign Minister Bob Carr has suggested that high-level Syrian government figures could be assassinated as part of the US-backed civil war to oust President Bashir al-Assad. Carr?s remarks underscore the reckless and illegal character of the US-led regime change operation underway in Syria, taking place with the full support of the Australian Labor government.
Interviewed on Monday on the Australian Broadcasting Corporation?s ?Four Corners? program, the foreign minister expressed concern that the Syrian army had proven a more effective fighting force than the so-called rebels, who have been funded and armed by Washington?s allies in the region, including Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.
?I think we?d know the conflict has evened up if there is a major defection from the Assad government, especially a defection that takes part of its armed forces with it,? Carr continued. ?Perhaps?this sounds brutal and callous?perhaps an assassination, combined with a major defection taking a large part of its military, is what is required to get, one, a ceasefire, and, two, political negotiations.? Continue reading “Australian foreign minister suggests ?assassination? of Syrian leaders”

Bangladesh?s new admirer

Daily Sun

Monday the 7th February 2012

Emily Dimozantos. SUN photo

No matter how poorly the countrymen mark Bangladesh?s sports, it has an admirer in Emily Dimozantos, an Australian freelance sports photographer who is in Dhaka now thanks to an exchange programme.
Although the Edith Cowan University, Perth student feels that poor infrastructure hardly helps the athletes to excel in the international level, she has fallen in love with the hosts? sports, athletics being her most favourite one.
The smiling Aussie was speaking to this correspondent at the Bangabandhu National Stadium after the match between Dhaka Abahani and Rahmtaganj. She was also sharing her experience with the athletes who are undergoing a training programme for the upcoming Saff Games.
?My university and the Pathshala, a photography school, have an exchange programme. I have immense passion for sports photography and is enjoying my stay in Bangladesh. One of my pictures of hurdler Sumita Rani has been selected as a display banner of an exhibition hosted by the Drik Gallery,? said Emily.
Being a woman, it?s natural she keenly observes women?s participation in the sports of Bangladesh.
?Yes, I have seen the women?s football tournament. I understood that it has just started. However, I have spent a lot of time with the women athletes and found that they are very talented. At the same time I found that the infrastructure is very poor and there is lack of sufficient funds. In a country like Australia the training facilities are far far better,? said the Australian.
Emily is yet to go Mirpur, the hub of cricket. ?I don?t have much passion for cricket. However, I will go there,? she said.
The dense population of Bangladesh has caught the eyes of the photographer. ?People here always seem busy and the roads are always full of traffic. I don?t have many words to describe it,? said Emily.
Emily was amazed to see the Guinness World Records certificate of Abdul Halim who also entered the big bowl after the match.
?It is awesome and amazing. I am happy to see the venue and meet Halim. It is amazing to see the man who carried the ball for 15.2 kilometres and completed 38 laps. It?s a big honour for Bangladesh,? the Australian observed.

Public discussion at University of Queensland

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15 August, 2011
For Immediate Use

UQ to host international photojournalist advocate?s public discussion

Portrait of Shahidul Alam by Tom Hatlestad

Internationally renowned Bangladeshi photographer, writer and activist Dr Shahidul Alam will lead a free public discussion next week, hosted by The University of Queensland?s Centre of Communication and Social Change, School of Journalism and Communication.
Dr Alam will discuss the role of ?the visual? in communication for social change at the James Birrell Room of the UQ Staff Club on Tuesday August 23 at 5.30pm.

Who: Internationally renowned Bangladeshi photographer, writer and activist Dr Shahidul Alam.
What: Public lecture on the role of ?the visual? in communication for social change.
When: Tuesday August 23 at 5.30pm for a 6pm start.
Where: James Birrell Room of the UQ Staff Club, The University of Queensland.
Cost: Free.
Dr Alam flyer final

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