Tony Blair is a psychopath who should be in a padded cell says Arundhati Roy

Perhaps someone could post this video on vimeo allowing us in Bangladesh to view it more easily. Sadly a far easier task than getting our governments to act sensibly.

A log of the transcription:
0:07?fifteen million people across the world who marched against the wall hanging out
0:12?into his perhaps the biggest display of family planning team the words
0:16?you know i mean
0:17?before the war happened
0:19?this law and it will happen to anybody knew that they were being fed lives at
0:24?him and missing you know it’s just the quality of the lies that issue with
0:27?something crazy in the used to be like to
0:30?and yet debate yukio
0:33?indicating he would do it all over india and in a second
0:37?so unfortunately reengineering with psychosis
0:42?men dealing with cycle of a psychopathic situation though
0:46?just in this last decade i’ve gone this time pakistan fiat libya syria
0:53?all of these countries have been having schachter and its biggest psychopathic
0:58?and a hot
1:00?on this operation is and he morality and of violence and uh… and uh… and
1:07?has a confusing this was like a bad people and see
1:10?which even the people in the united states and now suffering for you know
1:14?made in that connection after on between all of these laws
1:18?and people being thrown out in their homes
1:20?in this country
1:21?uh… really tired i really being made uh… foods off you know this invoice so
1:27?insulting red-meat
1:29?retirement no and giving lessons in morality was
1:34?while of
1:35?tens of thousands have been cured the wire whole countries are shattered lives
1:40?colour civilization that given back
1:43?you know in decades if not centuries
1:46?and uh…
1:47 uh… everything continues as normal and you have
1:51?you have to beat the like criminals who really liked the like change cannot do
1:55?it again i’d read again i would think about it and we can do it
1:59?and uh… so that’s the situation we had enough and anxiety a decade after the
2:05?invasion of iraq for
2:06?our british prime minister tony blair stood by his decision to go to war
2:10?saying it’s saved iraq from a fate worse than serious at the moment
2:17?this week that also in the media student colleges in action
2:21?what is happening in syria now if he lets themselves virani have had
2:25?colleagues on the list and syrian with limited sight so
2:29?if this is the most difficult since i was of the missiles decision
2:33?but still
2:34?thusly i still believe we will get the truth
2:37?that was british prime minister tony blair former prime minister uh… aren’t
2:42?actually write your response
2:49?padded cell and give him some really new history do you know i mean how can you
2:54?see in this after after creating a situation in a taco where
2:59?as you know i mean everyday you people are being blown up
3:03?they have no masks are being attacked
3:07?colin got me into the people who have been a comedian shadows and and this man
3:12?is saying
3:12?well we did such a wonderful seeing me seeing these people now isn’t that like
3:17?uh… indigents saying i mean i i i don’t know how to respond to something
3:22?like that because
3:24?becky it’s is sex somebody looking act somebody being slaughtered
3:29?and saying
3:30?all that he must be enjoying it to me really helping him
3:35?so colony loud unilaterally against these people
3:38?can you first have to think about what we need to do it you know but me can
3:42?have a conversation with them
3:44?in this say at this point dec president obama going in a different direction
3:52?of course not i don’t seem willing in a different direction at all and i mean
3:56?maybe a question to ask his when was the last time the united states when the
4:01?you know he’s lost in the economics in austin i’m gonna stands
4:05?lost in iraq
4:06?and it may not be able to print contain the situation it is hemorrhaging ages
4:12?now you know of course you can continuing drone attacks and you can
4:16?continue these diabetic killings but on the ground
4:20?a situation in being could have created
4:23?no i mean mocked american auto anybody can control and uh…
4:30?it’s just you know a combination of such foolishness
4:34?such a lack of understanding of cartoon in the land
4:37?well ma’am i just go along and you know coming out to be seen mood
4:41?more curious sentences that completely meaningless
4:45?i was after i remember when when u_s_ longing for the second time in
4:49?he came on stage and his daughters and his wife and i was already nice and he
4:54?said here should my daughter helena and almost should be not and a man who had
4:59?lost his entire family in the military stressed for couple of weeks ago said
5:03?what what am i supposed to think
5:05?what am i supposed to think of this
5:07?exhibit showing off
5:09?love then family values and good father who and then good husband alan
5:14?and morons you know is it’s about time that we remain restocked acting so
5:20?reasonable i had just don’t think
5:22?reasonable about this anymore



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