The Iranian Living Room


Iranian Living Room
If you leaf through our family album
the first ten years of my life
were spent in black and white
and predominantly in our living room
yet my memories of those years
are full of colour.
Hamid Ziarati, Iranian writer
Iranian Living Room?is the first of a series of editorial projects self-published by Fabrica.



from right Yasmin using her laptop to check Facebook and smoking, Negar is drunk and smoking too.
from right Yasmin using her laptop to check Facebook and smoking, Negar is drunk and smoking too.

Under the creative direction of Enrico Bossan, head of photography at Fabrica, 15 young Iranian photographers welcome us into the “Iranian living room”, a unique space beyond global media and local state. This is where life is lived in private in Iran; it is often where life takes place, in fact.
In this living room both literal and metaphorical, we are privileged to discover multiple interpretations of Iranian reality: cultural differences and similarities, solitude and conviviality, relaxation and excitement, dressing up for an interior life versus dressing up for the street, the rhythms of religious ceremony and the patterns of everyday life.
Where much life on the street is presented by the world’s media as foreign and inhibited, behind these closed doors the lens captures a life that is immediately recognisable in all its untrammelled richness. It takes on a central role as a kind of counterpoint to the contested street, functioning as a new public sphere. It is both far away and close to home. These vignettes are framed by young photographers who, through their own storytelling, might help change the stories we tell about Iran.
Photography coordination:
Farhad Babaei
Mohammad Mahdi Amya
Majid Farahani
Saina Golzar
Sanaz Hajikhani
Hamed Ilkhan
Ali Kaveh
Mahshid Mahboubifar
Mehdi Moradpour
Sahar Pishsaraeian
Negar Sadehvandi
Hashem Shakeri
Sina Shiri
Morteza Soorani
Nazanin Tabatabaei Yazdi
Ali Tajik
Introduction by:
Hamid Ziarati
Publisher: Fabrica
Pages: 316
Format: 20x26cm
Language: English-Italian
ISBN 978-88-908346-5-3
? FABRICA 2013

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