Peter Bialobrzeski?s Workshop starts at Goethe

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Posted by Chulie De Silva at Chobi Mela VI blog

Photographs: Saikat Mojumder

The workshop will continue on the 20 and 24 January. 2011

Peter Bialobrzeski?s at his Workshop at Goethe Institut. Photograph Saikat Mojumder

Peter Bialobrzeski?s Chobi Mela VI Workshop ?Contemporary Documentary Practice? started? today at the? Goethe Institute Bangladesh.
This workshop aims to look at the possibilities of creating ?A sense of Place? within the context of the international Photo Documentary Scene. The Workshop is supported by the Goethe Institut.

Students at work. Peter Bialobrzeski workshop on Contemporary Documentary Practice.

Peter Bialobrzeski at workshop on Contemporary Documentary Practice

Questions for the teacher. Contemporary Documentary Practice Workshop Chobi Mela VI.

Discussion time at the Peter Bialobrzeski's workshop on Contemporary Documentary Practice.

Taking notes at Peter Bialobrzeski's workshop on Contemporary Documentary Practice.

Peter Bialobrzeski?s workshop on Contemporary Documentary Practice.

Chobi Mela VI workshops begin

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Indian photographer Sohrab Hura is conducting a workshop ?Untitled? with the 2nd year student?s of Pathshala. The workshop theme for everyone is CARTE BLANCHE, which means everyone is free to do whatever s/he wants. It will continue till 21st January 2011.

Photographs by K M Asad


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