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a Delhi Photo Festival workshop with?Munem Wasif

In partnership with?Pathshala South Asian Media Institute, Delhi Photo Festival invites photographers who are currently working on a long-term project, a work in progress, to apply for a workshop to be held in New Delhi from September 22 to 26, 2013.

Munem Wasif
Munem Wasif?? Sarker Protick

Participants will?not?shoot new work during the workshop. Instead participants will produce/continue a body of work before coming to the workshop as it is important for any photographer working on a long-term project to realize that beyond a certain point, his or her work can take many directions and forms.

The resulting work may be presented as a slideshow at the Delhi Photo Festival on Sept 30, 2013.


The workshop is open to any photographer with an ongoing, long-term project or body of work, irrespective of age, gender or genre of photography. It is meant for someone who is interested in pushing their work beyond their comfort zone, in sharing ideas and working in a group.


Send an email to? ?WORKSHOP APPLICATION: Work in Progress? written in the subject line of the email and attach the following:

??20 to 40 low-resolution JPEG photos from a long-term project you are already working on and intend to continue working on in the workshop.?(Please note that each photo should be 800 pixels on the longer side saved in a zip folder. Maximum size of the zip folder should not be more than 5 MB).

??A Brief description of your project?(not more than 300 words)

??A Statement of Purpose explaining why you are interested in this workshop and what you hope to learn from it?(not more than 300 words)

??A CV or a short biography

??Proof that you need scholarship, if you are applying for the same.


Online Interactions: 27 Aug to 21 Sept

Workshop in New Delhi: 22 to 26 Sept

After the students are chosen, in the days leading up to the workshop, Munem Wasif will begin working with each participant online – reviewing works and giving them feedback through platform such as Facebook. Students will follow the instruction and upload their work online.

During the final 5 days of the workshop, that will take place at Sanskriti Kendra, New Delhi from September 22 to 26, 2013, Wasif will show his work and explain his working process. The next few days will be spent doing group reviews and editing where everybody will have to present their work and talk about their experience. Finally the participants will be given assignments to present their work and think about its final form. Though the workshop will encourage participants to focus more on the process of experimenting and pushing personal limits than on its final outcome, the resulting work promises to be exciting.

About Munem Wasif

Having grown up in a small town Comilla, Bangladesh, Munem Wasif?s dream kept changing from becoming a pilot to a cricket player and then a photographer. But none of these choices made his father happy. Later he shifted to comparably a big city Dhaka. He found his graduation in photography from Pathshala a life changing experience, which made him aware of his stories, gave him a photographic voice to photograph the dying industry and afflicted workers of jute and tea, excluded people and disrupt lands due to environmental change and salt water, a nostalgic city of love, Old Dhaka.

Wasif prefers to photograph his known people, therefore his country Bangladesh, just to start from the inside of a story. He never finds it a problem to be treated as a storyteller of humanistic tradition, classical in photographic approach, as long as it shows compassion and his emotional experience for the people he photographed. With an outlook of a traditional narrative style, he starts from the opposite of clich?s, when he looses his control from one direction of a story, and allows himself to grow in different directions, like branches on a tree, yet with the same root of humanistic approach.

Wasif won ?City of Perpignan Young Reporter’s Award? (2008) at Visa pour l?image. Prixpictet commission (2009), F25 award for concerned photography from Fabrica (2008), Joop Swart Masterclass (2007). His photographs have been published in Le Monde, Sunday Times Magazine, Geo, Guardian, Politiken, Mare, Du, Days Japan, L’espresso, Lib?ration, Wall Street Journal and many others. He had exhibitions worldwide including, Musee de elysee & Fotomuseam Winterthur in Switzerland, Kunsthal museum & Noordelicht festival in Netherlands, Angkor Photo festival & Photo Phonm Phen in Cambodia,?Whitechappel Gallery in England, Palais de Tokyo & Visa pour l?image in France and Chobimela in Bangladesh.

Since 2008, he is represented by Agence Vu in Paris. He was one of the curators of Chobimela VII, International Festival of Photography. Currently he is working on his upcoming book on Old Dhaka, which will be published from France in September 2013. Currently he is teaching documentary photography in Pathshala, South Asian Media Institute, Dhaka.

Changing audience behaviour and changing media response

Workshop by David Brewer

Photo david_brewer_march_2011

How technology has empowered the consumers to be the producers and what?that means for traditional mainstream media.

Venue: Broadcast & Multimedia Department, Pathshala
Address: TK Bhaban (12th floor), Kawran Bazar, Dhaka
Date: Saturday, 16 February (1:30pm to 3:00pm)
About David Brewer:
David Brewer was launch managing editor of BBC News Online and of EMEA and CNN Arabic as well as the launch consultant for Al Jazeera English. Brewer started his professional life as a journalist working in print, radio, TV and online.
Brewer focuses on the workflows and content offerings, in particular creating converged/integrated newsrooms and workflows delivering multiplatform content to whatever devices the target audience turns to in order to consume news and information.
For registration call: +8801818333315 or mail to:
Registration fee: BDT 200 (free for Pathshala students)
Seats are limited

Aesthetics in Photography by Morten Krogvold

Morten Krogvold has a major impact as a teacher in Norway and abroad. He has so far held more than 100 workshops in Norway & other countries of the world and this is his 6th workshop in Bangladesh. His dynamic black & white and color photographs have been extensively exhibited throughout the world, including Bangladesh, the Republic of China, France Botswana, Canada, Sweden, USA & of course, Norway. Krogvold was appointed Knight of the Order of St. Olav in 2005, received Hasselblad master award in 2002 and he is creative director for Nordic Light International Festival of Photography, Norway from 2006-2012.

The objective of this workshop is to develop participants? aesthetics in photography. Morten will look at the portfolios of each participants concentrating on composition, light, printing & craftsmanship and give valuable feedback. Participants should be prepared to receive honest and hard feedback and push their limits. The focus will be on developing a single image; there will be assignments all through the workshop. His lectures are as inspiring as his photos. It starts with history of art and end with the formation of classic paintings and its relationship with photography.

His teaching methods are novel. Using painting, literature, sculpture and music for inspiration, he imbibes in his students an appreciation of life and culture, which they can use to drive their own photography. Morten is an energetic, lively & resourceful presence in any room, believes ?the winners of the future are those who use creativity & individual thought.?

Workshop Details

  • Venue-?Pathshala, 26 Jan to 1st Feb

  • Language-?English

  • Timing-?Workshop will meet everyday from 9 am to 6 pm- but participants should be prepared to put in longer hours.

  • Fee-?100 US Dollar/ 8000 thousand Bangladeshi Taka

  • Logistics-?The fee excludes the cost of accommodation, food, visa fee and all kind of logistics. The students should carry his/her digital camera and laptop.

  • Participants-?20 students (14 seats are already booked)

  • Deadline for submission– 10th Jan, 2013, 4 pm Bangladeshi time.

  • Who can apply– We will give more priority to young (under 30) students from Asia.

Portfolio submission

  • Photos– Max 15- Story/Series

  • Dimension– 800 pixels, save as 8, jpeg

  • Story text– Max 300 word

  • Bio– Max 300 word

  • Send to- in one zip file)

Application Deadline:Jan 10th, 4 pm (Dhaka time), 2013

For more information please contact?

Bio-Morten Krogvold (born 3 May 1950) is a Norwegian photographer and writer. Krogvold is especially known for his portraits of artists, politicians and other celebrities. He has published numerous books, held numerous exhibitions.


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Curating 101 by Jody Haines

Curating 101
By Jody Haines
This 4-day workshop on curating is designed for the photographers in Asian countries who are interested in curating and want to be engaged in the process of curation.
The workshop will help the participants to understand the basic steps of curating, from generating ideas to implementation. Process includes how to design an exhibition, how to install it and how to create a space for the audience to interact with body of work.
Workshop facilitator Jody Haines/ curator of Brisbane powerhouse start working with each participant in February 2nd, right after the 1st?week of Chobimela, international festival of photography in Dhaka.
Jody will share her work process. Along with lectures the participants will be given assignments to curate a body of work as a sketch.
Workshop Details

  • Venue-?Pathshala, 2nd Feb to 5th Feb, 2013
  • Language-?Workshop will be conducted in English
  • Timing-?Workshop will meet everyday from 10.30 am to 5 pm- but participants should be prepared to put in longer hours.
  • Fee-?100 US Dollar/ 8000 thousand Bangladeshi Taka
  • Logistics-?The fee is?excluding the cost of accommodation, food, Visa fee and all kind of logistics. The students should carry his/her digital camera and Laptop on his own.
  • Participants-?10-12 students
  • Eligible– We will give more priority to young (under 30) students from Asia.

Portfolio submission

  • Curatorial project/ photographic portfolio– Max 15- Story/Series
  • Dimension– 800 pixels, save as 8, jpeg
  • Story text– Max 300 word
  • Bio– Max 300 word
  • Letter– A short letter explaining why you are interested in this workshop.
  • Send to-? in one zip file)

Application Deadline:?Jan 10th, 5 pm (Dhaka time), 2013
For more information please contact?
Bio ??Jody Haines
Jody Haines is a Curator of Photography from Australia with over 10 years of curatorial practice.??She has been the curator at Brisbane Powerhouse, one of Australia?s leading Multi Arts institutions, for the past 6 years. During this time she has developed a solid program of documentary based photography delivering over 90 photographic exhibitions ranging from International to local artists.??Jody?s main passion is for storytelling and providing a platform for the community to gain a glimpse and an understanding of the world we share.
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Workshop on Feature Filmmaking with BIJON AND ROKEYA PRACHY

Pathshala South Asian Media Institute is inviting you to a workshop on
Feature Filmmaking with BIJON AND ROKEYA PRACHY. This day-long workshop
will explore the Screenwriting and Directing process by deconstruction of
Aristotelian Structure. Rokeya Prachy will join for a Director-Actor
conversation to demonstrate the whole process of filmmaking according to
?Hollywood Three-Act Structure from a Writer?s/Director?s Perspective?.
Participants will get the opportunity to interact with Bijon, who is
currently working on his full-length feature film ?Kingdom of Clay
Subjects? with Rokeya Prachy as the lead character. Continue reading “Workshop on Feature Filmmaking with BIJON AND ROKEYA PRACHY”

To know, one must imagine

Master Class and documentary photography workshop by Dr. Shahidul Alam

Dr. Shahidul Alam, eminent photographer and social activist from Bangladesh will facilitate a two and half day Master Class and documentary photography workshop titled ?Photography for social impact ? To know, one must imagine? from 19 November ? 21 November 2012 at Indian Council for Cultural Relations ( ICCR) , Kolkata.
This workshop is being jointly organised by British Council and DRIK India.
The workshop will address the role and methods of documentary photography in achieving social impact. The culture of human rights and community goals has become a necessary aspect of contemporary public discussion and the impact of photography deserves a great part of the credit in spreading and rendering that culture readily perceptible and comprehensible. Photographic images at their passionate and truthful best are as powerful as words can ever be. If they alone cannot bring change, they can at least provide an understanding mirror of man?s actions, thereby sharpening awareness and awakening conscience. The workshop will help participants interpret and to create photograph that stand out from the crowd and questions the objectives of one?s perception and participation in the present visual world in which we live.

Facebook link

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WORKSHOPS in Nepal by Annu Palakunnathu Matthew

Organised by Photo Circle 3 – 6 December 2012 

Old photographs remind us of our past and where we have come from and the silent stories that these photographs insinuate. Participants will reconsider notions of perception of memory and identity as they relate to history and photography?s presumed veracity. To create work, participants will explore existing photo archives, their own family photographs, film footage and objects related to their families in order to create work related to their identity and perceived memories. The workshop?s primary focus will be related to photography but participants can use this as a springboard for creating work in other media such as collages, stop motion animations, videos and installations, sound installations, oral histories, etc. Discussions and slide shows will be conducted in the mornings and students are expected to work on their projects in the afternoons. This workshop is for anyone- writers, musicians, housewives, photographers- who would like to explore the way memory can be shaped and reshaped. Continue reading “MEMORY & IDENTITY”

Professional HD Film-making with Barry Braverman

Pathshala and Drik are pleased to announce that Barry Braverman, the?acclaimed Cinematographer and HD Video Producer will be leading a 16-day?workshop from March 16th to April 6th, 2012.

A veteran director of photography and digital media consultant expert with more than thirty years experience, Barry has also worked on National Geographic specials and programmes for Discovery and the ABC. A frequent collaborator of director Wes Anderson, Braverman photographed the original TrailerforBottleRocket (1992) and contributed to other productions including TheDarjeelingLimited (2007). Braverman hosts the Video Shooter website and blog?and offers frequent camera training workshops and classes at locations throughout the U.S. and the world.
?Professional HD Film-making with Barry Braverman? welcomes both the experienced and the young in the film-making world to an intensive training on the professional processes and aspects of HD film-making. The programme will be hosted by Pathshala: South Asian Media Academy in partnership with Drik and Culturepot Global.
Over the course of this three-week workshop you will be fully immersed in the art and craft of video storytelling. Utilizing the latest Panasonic professional cameras you will explore the discipline of effective image capture, learn proper camera operation and control, and understand how to frame, compose and create compelling close ups. You will understand and apply the workshop mantra to exclude! exclude! exclude! as you explore such techniques as soft focus, three-dimensional lighting, and choice of lens focal length, to most effectively convey your intended story.
The workshop?s many exercises are designed to build confidence and enthusiasm for?developing your filmmaking skill set. Covering setups and genres from dialogue scenes to green screen, you will gain proficiency in the total process from script to screen. Storyboarding, effective pitching techniques, and overall story development, will be key components of your training, and because we are concerned with the total filmmaker the workshop will also cover the rudiments of editing with Apple Final Cut Pro (or Adobe Premiere) as each participant will produce a five minute production. At the close of the course, a public screening of films produced during the workshop will be hosted by Pathshala: South Asian Media Academy.
The workshop is being offered at a specially subsidised rate due to support from Barry himself, Panasonic, Pathshala, Drik and Culture Pot. For further information and application details please contact Ms. Nasrin?Zeba at Pathshala South Asian Media Academy. Phone: +880 (0)2-9136895, +880 (0)192 7122?740
Clip of recent workshop by Barry Braverman

Chronicler of conflicts

Chronicler of conflicts – The Times of India.


Trainers Greg Marinovich (South Africa), Per Anders (Norway) and Munem Wasif (Bangladesh) in workshop in Kolkata organised by Pathshala (Bangladesh) and Oslo University College (Norway), with students in Kolkata. The local organisers were Drik India

Greg Marinovich in classroom in Kolkata

Greg Sebastian Marinovich is the only one of the ‘Bang Bang Club’s’ four members to be standing on his feet today. Two are dead and the third’s legs have been amputated. Between them, they share two Pulitzers and a host of other prestigious awards from all over the world. Greg, 50, co-authored a book on the ‘club’ that was made into a film two years ago. And what a film it was: a visual narrative on the lives of four ‘conflict photographers’–all white South Africans who grew up in the apartheid regime, opposed it and exposed the apartheid regime-sponsored violence to the world-whose lives intertwined and took them to many parts of the world to record telling images of war and strife.
Greg, who was in Kolkata to conduct a workshop for photographers from India, Nepal and?Bangladesh?(Editor’s note: organised by Pathshala in Bangladesh and Oslo University College in Norway), told TOI about his work and experiences. Continue reading “Chronicler of conflicts”

Happy February!
We are in the middle of a very stimulating workshop with 14 Bangladeshi, Nepali and Norwegian students and award winning photographer Philip Blenkinsop. The workshop is the beginning of an extended exchange program where participating students will produce an in-depth photo reportage project.

Philip Blenkinsop conducting a workshop in Drik Studio in Dhaka. Photo Wahid Adnan/DrikNews

Philip Blenkinsop has been described as “one of the most essential photographers of his generation” (Christian Caujolle). He is adamant that the photographer should never censor scenes through the camera. ?Photographers are both witnesses and messengers. Our responsibility must always lie with the people we focus on, and with the accurate depiction of their plight, regardless of how unpalatable this might be for magazine readers.? His work, published in international arenas, has been the catalyst for much discussion and amongst other accolades was awarded Amnesty International?s Photojournalism prize for excellence in human rights journalism. Continue reading “”