Majority World Partners with Skira


Press Release 8 March 2012

Additional corporate partner sought to join project to showcase new creative photographic talent from the majority world.
Majority World, the “photo agency with a difference” that reveals and promotes under represented local photographic talent from Africa, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East, has joined forces with Skira International Publishing, the highly respected Italian publishing house in Milan, to boost the visibility of locally sourced majority world imagery across the globe.
Majority World and Skira will be using the Responsible Business Exhibition 2012 to kick start the search for another corporate partner to join the project. The objective is to publish and distribute internationally our first MAJORITY WORLD ALMANAC 2012, a survey of stunning locally sourced images from the developing world which tell the positive, inspiring, and untold stories of everyday life in the developing world, seldom covered by the western press. The project aims to widen the number of countries and photographers represented, and to create a more balanced understanding of contemporary life in the developing world as interpreted through the eyes of Majority World‘s growing community of creative photographers.
Sponsor/s would receive full publishing credit, recognition, with associated events on an annual basis. By providing for majority world photographers to make their work visible globally, the project will bring direct economic benefit through assignments, publishing sales and global sales of their stock imagery.

For further information contact:

Colin Hastings, Managing Director
m: +44 07785 251 751
Chris Barwick, Business Development Director
m:+44 07969 461 117

The South Takes The Picture

New Internationalist editor Dinyar Godrej?s email asking us to participate in the 400th issue of the magazine a few months ago was a great opportunity. But with Dhaka in flames and our own struggles to ensure some semblance of fairness in the elections, we passed it on to other activists.
Vanessa Baird?s subsequent email suggesting an issue of the New Internationalist based on our organization ? the Drik photo agency and Pathshala photography school ? as an example of how some of us in the Majority World are challenging the global information flow, came as an unexpected reprieve.
Our immediate political problems in Bangladesh hadn?t gone away. A tribal activist had been brutally killed by the army, and a journalist friend who had been courageously reporting on military misrule had been picked up in the middle of the night.
So things were far from easy on the home front, but writing about, and showing, what had been our central struggle over the last 20 years was an opportunity we couldn?t miss. We had all lived it. More importantly, with our site up and running and slowly beginning to get pictures into print, we weren?t just talking about change. We were witnessing it taking place.
This issue of the magazine could hardly have been better timed. Majority World photographers embraced the idea: from the small studio of VAST ? a voluntary artists association in Bhutan ? to a crammed office room in Santa Cruz, Bolivia; from the enthusiastic Photo Circle in Kathmandu to a hotel lobby in Dili, Timor Leste.
Our FTP site has been busy and the pictures ? some of which are featured in the pages of this issue ? have been flowing in. After years of trying to persuade others, Majority World photographers have taken things into their own hands. Watch this space.
Shahidul Alam, Drik/Pathshala for the New Internationalist Co-operative
The above editorial had been written several weeks ago, but the magazine has just hit the stands. Links to the PDFs of the magazine follow. The online version should be up on the NI site in about six weeks.
26th July 2007. Manila.