Chobi Mela VII: Dhaka revisited

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by Pablo Bartholomew
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Med_pablo-bartholomew-shahidul-alam-jpgPablo Bartholomew ? Shahidul Alam/Drik/Majority World
What is about Chobi Mela that makes it special and important?
So what makes me come back to Chobi Mela, this pioneering festival for photography in Asia? It is the question that I ask myself, now that I am here in Dhaka setting up both my father?s and my exhibitions. Obviously it is the opportunity to show the works and be part of discussions that may provide and lead up to good dialogues and debates. But the fact that the last time I was here was such an important reference point is something that I would like to share. Continue reading “Chobi Mela VII: Dhaka revisited”

Pablo Bartholomew to Attend Chobi Mela

Photo by Pablo Bartholomew

Photo by Pablo Bartholomew

Pablo Bartholomew
Pablo Bartholomew
Pablo Bartholomew ? In conversation with Shahidul Alam and Munem Wasif
Saturday, 26 January, 7PM
Pablo Bartholomew?s?70s & 80s ? OUTSIDE IN ? A Tale of Three Cities?will be on view 25 January ? 7 February at Chobi Mela

Indian photographer Pablo Bartholomew has been greatly influenced by his father, the art critic and photographer Richard Bartholomew. Experiencing photography from early on and learning from his father, Pablo won the World Press Photo award for his series?Morphine Addicts in India?(1975) at the age of 19 and the World Press Photo of the Year award for the Bhopal Gas Tragedy 9 years later. Among Bartholomew?s photo essays are?The Chinese in Calcutta,?The Indians in America, and?The Naga Tribes of Northeast India. His recent exhibition?70s & 80s ? OUTSIDE IN ? A Tale of Three Cities?is a visual diary of his teenage work and debuted at the?Rencontres d?Arles?in July 2007. Bartholomew lives as an independent photojournalist in New Delhi, India.
?My upbringing left me with the freedom to look at India with unattached engagement. It allows me not to be biased against caste, religion or regional points-of-view. Being not from any geographical location allows me to appreciate everyone and everything.? ??Pablo Bartholomew
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September Presentations

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The talk, portfolio reviews, book signings are already over at Bursa in Turkey, though the exhibition is still going on.
The talk later today at 4:05 pm at Pieterskerk in Leiden, Netherlands and the talk at 9:30 am on Monday the 24th September at CUNY, New York, USA, are sadly not public events, but the following talk in Delhi, India is:

as is the discussion at the United Art Fair:

?Photography Today: Photography and its Social Effects??on 29th?September from 11:00 am ? 1:30 pm, with Pablo Bartholomew and Deepak John Mathew.