Holocaust ignored, in unlikely places

by Rahnuma Ahmed

After the war, 118 German rocket scientists worked together at Fort Bliss, Texas. (U.S. Army Aviation And Missile Command)

You wouldn’t think that the American government’s public commitment to bringing the “Hitlerite Huns” to justice would be accompanied by a secret agenda of “sanitizing, using, and absolving” Nazis, would you? (Earlean M. McCarrick, “American Anti-Nazism: A Cold War Casualty,” 1989). Of rewarding some as well, I must, add.
For those who haven’t heard of Operation Paperclip, here are some facts, but before presenting those, read this excerpt to be reminded of the terrible atrocities of the Holocaust,
The roundup of Jews began at 3AM? The local police, bolstered by reinforcements from the neighboring town of Zembin, surrounded the ghetto? The killing went on throughout the day?Some of the guards raped the younger women before forcing them into the pits. Continue reading “Holocaust ignored, in unlikely places”