The Torch

Nuhash Humayun?November 13, 2013

I was ten years old, on a bicycle, taking the only path I knew. I was going from my mother?s place to my father?s. People would ask me what it was like, having parents who were separated. I never really had an answer. Honestly, it wasn?t strange for me, it was the only life I knew. It was always like this, as far back as I remembered. My sisters would tell me that we were once this one big happy family, but those were just stories to me, fairytales almost. I had almost no recollection of seeing my parents together, ever. As far as I knew, this was life. I had a happy family too, just a little separated. And separations were temporary, right? It?s just one big fight that takes a while to fix. Continue reading “The Torch”