PART I: Punishing the innocent

by rahnuma ahmed

Everyone, regardless of whether they belonged to the Awami League or to the BNP or Jamaat,?or was an ordinary citizen, suddenly became a Muslim.

— Adnan Wahid

Beheaded statue of Lord Buddha, Ramu Cherengghata Shada Ching Bihar. ? Adnan Wahid/DrikNews

HE WAS speaking of September 29, 2012, trying hard to explain to us, as we sat at a cafe in Dhaka, of how it could have been possible for local Bengali Muslims — who had lived peacefully with Buddhists, both Bengalis (Barua) and Rakhains, for many generations??in Ramu — to take part in wave after wave of assaults which destroyed innumerable Buddhist monasteries and temples where neighbours had worshipped and prayed, to take part in armed attacks which set fire to houses where Buddhist neighbours had lived. Continue reading “PART I: Punishing the innocent”