The Inheritance of Loss

THE FAMOUS FIVE (From left) Prashant Panjiar (kneeling), Prabuddha Das Gupta, Raghu Rai, Pablo Bartholomew and Shahidul Alam (Photo: LUCIDA)

The Open Magazine
Rosalyn D’Mello
29th October 2011

(12th August 2012 9:30 pm: Pablo just wrote to say that Prabuddha Das Gupta passed away a few hours ago, of a heart attack:?

The story of India?s contemporary photography movement is ridden with egoistic tussles. It?s no wonder then that it has taken so long for the country to host an international photo festival
I am not a photographer. Never have been, never will be. For me, the world began with the word, a curse and a blessing. A curse because I will never know what it?s like to experience the world through a camera lens. A blessing because I enjoy being a ?fly on the wall?; because, unlike photography, the written word has the power to document both the visible and the subterranean. An image may ?speak a thousand words?, but sometimes you need a writer to read between the pixels. Continue reading “The Inheritance of Loss”