Kalpana's Warriors in Delhi



Kalpana's Warriors_Exehibition Opening
Opening of ?Kalpana?s Warriors? at Drik Gallery 12 June 2015 on the 19th anniversary of her abduction. Photo: Habibul Haque/Drik


Shahidul Alam has long been gripped by the life of a woman he has never met.
It?s been two decades since Kalpana Chakma was abducted, but Shahidul refuses to forget her. Standing at the threshold of his latest exhibition,Kalpana?s Warriors, the Bangladeshi photographer pauses for a moment.
In the room beyond is the third in a series of photo exhibitions that began with Searching for Kalpana Chakma in 2013, and was followed by 18 in 2014. The woman around whom these pictures revolve is notably absent from them. She was abducted at gunpoint in the early hours of 12 June 1996 from her home in Rangamati in Bangladesh. Her captors were a group of plain-clothed men who were recognised as being from a nearby army camp. Kalpana never returned home and her fate remains unknown.
When the exhibition first opened at the Drik Gallery in Dhaka, many of those who had been photographed could not risk coming out of hiding, yet the room was full of people who knew Kalpana?s story intimately. Some simply stood for a while before the portraits, others wept. Continue reading “Kalpana's Warriors in Delhi”

9th ASEF Journalists? Colloquium: New Delhi

The Asia-Europe Foundation (ASEF) is organising the 9th ASEF
Journalists? Colloquium, which will be held in New Delhi (Gurgaon),
India from?9-11 November 2013.
We are pleased to invite interested journalists from ASEM countries to apply for participation. To apply, more information can be found
Travel subsidies to and from New Delhi and accommodation will be
provided by the organisers for successful participants. Continue reading “9th ASEF Journalists? Colloquium: New Delhi”

Delhi Photo Festival 2013: Call for submissions

Hi Friends,
Hope this finds you well.
The 2013 edition of the?Delhi Photo Festival?is around the corner and with that our search for new work.
The theme for the festival is ‘Grace’ and we would love to have you send your work for consideration to the festival.

Submission call for Delhi Photo Festival 2013


We are delighted to inform you that submissions for the Delhi Photo Festival 2013 opened on Monday, March 4, 2013 and will close on April 20, 2013. It would be wonderful if you would consider submitting your work and sharing this news with friends and photo-practioners around the world. We will continue relying on your support to spread word of the Festival through emails and posting on your social media sites. Continue reading “Submission call for Delhi Photo Festival 2013”

A Day in Delhi

Le Journal de la Photographie

Weekend Portfolios

New Delhi 2013 

Med_1-millenium-park-delhi_sybile-girault-jpgMillenium Park, Delhi ? Sybile Girault
Le Journal de la Photographie would like to invite you to spend a day in Delhi. Via interviews with heads of galleries, foundations, agencies and photo festivals, we?ll be introducing you to some of the most important figures in contemporary Indian photography. This special report was prepared by our India correspondent, Sybile Girault, with the help of Juliette Deschodt. So, Namaste, and welcome to India! Continue reading “A Day in Delhi”

Chai, Autos and Sher Shah Suri

by Shoaib?Danyal: Kafila.org

OCTOBER 27, 2012
photographer unknown

Nothing good comes of having your status as capital snatched from you by Delhi. As a Calcuttan I know the pain. Of course, my city?s had it relatively easy when you consider the fate of Sasaram in Bihar. That?s where Afghan warlord (what a useful phrase: right from Bihar in the 16th century to the US invasion in the 21st) Sher Shah Suri had his capital, as ruler of Bengal and Bihar, before he overthrew Humayun and moved shop to the Purani Qila in Delhi. Unlike the Afghan warlords of today though, Sher Shah was a pretty impressive ruler. He introduced the?rupiya. which was the predecessor of the modern rupee. More interestingly, he introduced a small denomination coin called the?dam?which probably gave rise to the English phrase ?I don?t give a damn?. The administrative set-up introduced by him was so impressive that Akbar copied liberally from it and Sher Shah?s ideas therefore ruled India for centuries after the man?s death. Continue reading “Chai, Autos and Sher Shah Suri”

September Presentations

Posted at 11:30 am Leiden

The talk, portfolio reviews, book signings are already over at Bursa in Turkey, though the exhibition is still going on.
The talk later today at 4:05 pm at Pieterskerk in Leiden, Netherlands and the talk at 9:30 am on Monday the 24th September at CUNY, New York, USA, are sadly not public events, but the following talk in Delhi, India is:

as is the discussion at the United Art Fair:

?Photography Today: Photography and its Social Effects??on 29th?September from 11:00 am ? 1:30 pm, with Pablo Bartholomew and Deepak John Mathew.

The Inheritance of Loss

THE FAMOUS FIVE (From left) Prashant Panjiar (kneeling), Prabuddha Das Gupta, Raghu Rai, Pablo Bartholomew and Shahidul Alam (Photo: LUCIDA)

The Open Magazine
Rosalyn D’Mello
29th October 2011

(12th August 2012 9:30 pm: Pablo just wrote to say that Prabuddha Das Gupta passed away a few hours ago, of a heart attack:?http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10151185756965695&set=a.10150246107070695.369792.534985694&type=3&theater)

The story of India?s contemporary photography movement is ridden with egoistic tussles. It?s no wonder then that it has taken so long for the country to host an international photo festival
I am not a photographer. Never have been, never will be. For me, the world began with the word, a curse and a blessing. A curse because I will never know what it?s like to experience the world through a camera lens. A blessing because I enjoy being a ?fly on the wall?; because, unlike photography, the written word has the power to document both the visible and the subterranean. An image may ?speak a thousand words?, but sometimes you need a writer to read between the pixels. Continue reading “The Inheritance of Loss”