Prothom Alo journalist attacked

by Firoz Gazi, DrikNEWS Correspondent, Jessore, April 2013

Journalist Masud Alam was attacked after he reported a corruption story.??He is the Abhaynagar Correspondent for Daily Prothom Alo. On 28 March, his assailants attacked him at Ulobottola, situated in Dhopali Village, Shundori Union, Abhaynagar Upazilla, Jessore.?His left hand was broken from the attack and his muscles flattened from the beating. The Police have arrested six men who were involved in this attack.??Masud Alam is now receiving treatment at Jessore Medical College Hospital.
“Four Chairmen at Abhaynagar were overseeing four projects worth $312,500. I wrote a report on their activities.” After this, the Chairman of Shundori Union, began to threaten him. “Last Thursday, when I was returning to Nayapara from Shundori on my way to Khulna, I was stopped. I was riding my bike at that time. I was forced to get off and then was dragged to a dry spot beside a swamp.? There they beat me with wooden planks on my legs and arms. Eventually five other people from the village joined them.”
According to doctors his radius bone has been broken and the muscles in his hand have been smashed, resulting in other physical symptoms.
According to police “Last 28 March, the Abhaynagar Correspondent of Daily Protthom Aalo was attacked by a group of terrorists.? As soon as we were notified we were on the spot and were able to arrest four of the offenders.”

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